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    PHOTOS: Miley Cyrus: I really heart my...

    Bet you thought we were going to say that Miley really hearts her Twitter account, or twerking. Gotcha! Miley seems to be on a...
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    Watch Miley Cyrus' "We Can't Stop" in 12 GIFS

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    All the best, weirdest and most provocative moments from Miley Cyrus' new video.
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    VIDEO: Miley Cyrus releases video for "We Can't Stop"

    We can't stop watching the video for Cyrus' "We Can't Stop."
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    Marijuana-loving Miley Cyrus tops worst role model list

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    Miley Cyrus has many loves in her life, including Liam Hemsworth and her home state's marijuana laws. Perhaps that's why she's...
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    Billy Ray Cyrus: Couples whose celeb kids broke them up

    Miley Cyrus’ parents, Billy Ray and Tish, are calling it quits after 19 years of marriage. Assuming the marriage is over due to...
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    Miley Cyrus' mom Tish files for divorce from Billy Ray Cyrus

    After two decades of marriage, it looks like the Cyruses will be calling it quits. But this isn't the first time they've traveled...
  7. Celebrity Style

    Miley Cyrus wears jeans and sweats... at the same time!

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    Miley Cyrus showed up at the Myspace artist showcase event at El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles on Wednesday night wearing her wildest...
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    Miley Cyrus denies Justin Bieber romance rumors

    Miley Cyrus calls in to a radio station denying rumors that she's involved with Justin Bieber, announcing that she's engaged and...
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    Liam Hemsworth joins Twitter

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    After resisting the social media site for years, Liam Hemsworth has joined Twitter. But he's not following Miley Cyrus.
  10. Music

    Music review: Miley Cyrus "We Can't Stop"

    Move over Ke$ha, Miley Cyrus wants to be the new all-night party girl as she explains in her new single, "We Can't Stop."
  11. Hookups, Breakups & Babies

    Did Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth really break up?

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    Are they or aren't they? The tabloids have been waiting for the breakup for months, but is this finally the end for Miley Cyrus and...
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    Amanda Bynes arrested: Celebrity she-stoners

    Whether you are pro or anti-reefer, there is no denying weed is omnipresent among Hollywood’s young and famous, or young and wasted,...
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    Miley Cyrus swatted again on eve of new music news

    Miley Cyrus has a wild weekend as her home is invaded by SWAT teams and she announces the date of her new single.
  14. Music

    2013 BBMAs: Did these celebs pick the right outfits?

    All of the celebs at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards rocked the red carpet, but we're not completely sold on what these stars wore.
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    Miley Cyrus tops Maxim 's Hot 100: A look at past winners

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    Now in its 13th year, Maxim 's Top 100 just crowned Miley Cyrus the No. 1 stunner. So what kind of woman is worthy of the list?...
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    Miley Cyrus' engagement ring is back on her finger

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    Miley Cyrus has been coy about her engagement ring all spring, but she proudly wore it on the red carpet on Wednesday night at...
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    Instagram account of the week: Photos of Ryan Seacrest

    Heard of Instagram’s new Photos for You? If you need an example of how the photo-tagging feature works, just look to your favorite...
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    Hemsworth brothers to Liam: End the Miley Cyrus romance

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    According to a new report, Liam Hemsworth's older brothers staged a love intervention. They want their little brother to call the...
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    2013 Met Gala: Punk or punked?

    Punk: Chaos to Couture was the theme of the 2013 Met Gala event. All the fair lads and lasses in the kingdom were invited, donning...
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    Anne Hathaway's blonde locks (and other fierce celeb 'dos)

    These celebrities know how to rock some fierce hair. Check out some of these new celeb 'dos.