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    Liam Hemsworth has night out without Miley Cyrus

    Liam Hemsworth has a fun night out without fiancée Miley Cyrus.
  2. Music

    VIDEO: Miley Cyrus gets naked for "Wrecking Ball"

    Miley Cyrus continues her attention-getting antics by making out with a hammer and sitting naked on a wrecking ball in her shocking...
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    VIDEO: Miley Cyrus twerks with little people on German TV

    Oh, Miley! She's at it again, this time with a backup band of twerking little people.
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    VIDEO: 3 Steps on how not to twerk

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    Hey, if Miley Cyrus can twerk, anyone can... right? Not so much. We urge you to memorize the following three steps, lest you too...
  5. Celebrity Gossip is getting twerking lessons

    Superstar shares his opinion on the dance phenomenon twerking, and says he even takes lessons to perfect his...
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    Miley Cyrus on VMAs: We just wanted to make history

    Despite an *NSYNC reunion at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, Miley Cyrus' performance ended up being the most-talked about. But was...
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    Miley Cyrus says she is "messed up"

    Miley Cyrus' name is on everyone's tongue these days, and it appears that the star shares the world's sentiments as she admits to...
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    Billy Ray Cyrus cancels Piers Morgan interview

    Everyone already knows that Miley Cyrus has become the talk of the town after her MTV VMAs performance, but what you may not know is...
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    Liam Hemsworth mortified by Miley Cyrus' VMAs performance

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    Liam Hemsworth is embarrassed by the outrageous behavior of his fiancée Miley Cyrus and might just dump her to save his own career.
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    Miley Cyrus and Kanye West collaborate

    After her raunchy VMAs performance, Miley Cyrus skipped out on her own after party and headed to a top secret studio location... to...
  11. Music

    Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus team up to "Twerk"

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    Just when you thought you could get those awkward Miley Cyrus twerking images out of your brain, she showed us all she had more...
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    "Twerking" added to Oxford dictionary

    Miley Cyrus has become the talk of the town after her MTV VMAs performance on Sunday night, but it is not all backlash and negativity.
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    Celebs defend Cyrus against media circus

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    Miley Cyrus still has some friends in showbiz who are willing to defend her recent behavior at the VMAs.
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    Billy Ray Cyrus comments on Miley: "She's still my little girl"

    Billy Ray Cyrus knows all the ups and downs of the entertainment industry, so doesn't seem too concerned with the performance his...
  15. Music

    The VMAs highlights in GIFs

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    The VMAs this year were best captured live, but we have the next best thing: watching the highlights in GIFs!
  16. Celebrity Gossip

    Miley Cyrus becomes the talk of the town

    The VMAs certainly caused a stir on Sunday night and one performance that won't be forgotten anytime soon is Miley Cyrus and Robin...
  17. Music

    6 MTV VMAs acts that were way raunchier than Miley's

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    Think Miley Cyrus has a lock on making the world cringe and cover its eyes? Not by a long shot. See some other MTV Video Music...
  18. Fashion & Style

    Celebrity style shrink: What do their outfits reveal?

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    Most of us have a slight obsession with observing (and critiquing) celebrity fashion. But let's take a deeper look beyond the labels...
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    Did Kelly Clarkson just call Miley Cyrus a "pitchy stripper"?

    Miley Cyrus was the talk of social media Monday morning after her bizarre appearance at the MTV VMAs, but did Kelly Clarkson take...
  20. Tips & Advice

    Why Miley Cyrus makes me sad

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    The top story from last night’s Video Music Awards on MTV is Miley Cyrus’ controversial performance. As a mom, I was surprised,...