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    Under the Dome review: Season 1 finale

    No surprises here. The monarch revelation isn't all that game-changing within the town since we don't know her purpose. What is most...
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    The best and worst characters of Under the Dome

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    We get it. It's a show about characters, but let's not pretend they're all great. Some we'd love to see make it to Season 2. Others...
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    Under the Dome recap: "The Fourth Hand"

    If the dome causes you to have seizure, it apparently just means it likes you. Norrie, Joe and Angie are all in the club, but they...
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    Under the Dome recap: "Thicker Than Water"

    The mini dome wants to communicate too with the help of a glowing egg and visions of familiar faces. The clues are piling up, but...
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    Under the Dome recap: "Imperfect Circles"

    Joe and Norrie have found it. Big news! It's another dome. But there's something special hiding inside if only they can figure out...
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    Under the Dome recap: "The Endless Thirst"

    Putting people in crisis situations really brings out their true colors. Unfortunately, on Under the Dome , those colors really...
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    Under the Dome renewed for Season 2

    The dome ain't goin' nowhere. CBS has announced that the hit show has been renewed, with a special surprise for the Season 2 premiere.
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    Top 8 things we know about Under the Dome

    Okay, we know it's a big clear dome that no one can escape from, but the show has also clued us in to a few other things. Here's...
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    Under the Dome recap: "Blue on Blue"

    Silly government, your puny weapons of mass destruction have nothing on the dome. All it accomplishes is some serious fallout for...
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    Under the Dome recap: "Outbreak"

    Junior is busy saving the town from a meningitis outbreak while Angie tries to keep from drowning. Junior's chivalry may be short...
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    Under the Dome recap: "Manhunt"

    A man stands up. A man doesn't screw up, which partly explains why Junior is so messed up.
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    Under the Dome : Is Big Jim good or bad?

    Big Jim may be protecting the town with his secrets on Under the Dome or he could be plotting against them. Here are our theories...
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    Under the Dome recap: "Into the Fire"

    On Under the Dome this week, we discovered that *gasp* the barrier is in fact a dome. No one saw it coming.
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    Under the Dome : Love it or leave it?

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    The series premiere is out, and so are the ratings. Under the Dome marks CBS' most-watched summer premiere in years.
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    Under the Dome recap: Down it goes

    True to Stephen King, Under the Dome is fast-paced, character-driven and, oh yeah, really strange in the best sort of way. We're...
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    Under the Dome : Character preview

    With a slew of characters, all hiding their secrets, it's no wonder Under the Dome is already being compared to Lost .
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    Under the Dome : Book vs. show

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    Stephen King's book Under the Dome is coming to television with its own take on the story of a small town trapped by an invisible...
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    Interview with Under the Dome 's Neal Baer

    Neal Baer, executive producer of the new show Under the Dome , spills details on the upcoming season and why the show is more...
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    Bates Motel recap: Norma Bates goes to jail

    Norma's relationship with Deputy Shelby can't save her when a severed hand appears and Norman gets lucky when he attempts to have a...
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    Bates Motel preview: Secrets in the basement

    New mysteries unfold when Norman Bates discovers a kidnapped girl in Deputy Shelby's basement in the creepy fun new series on A&E.