mike & molly

  1. Celebrity Gossip

    Mike & Molly under fire for "drunk Indians" joke

    The Native American community takes strong exception to a joke that mocks both Arizona and Native Americans.
  2. Television

    Most popular shows that aired in Chicago

    Whether it’s a comedy, true-crime or drama, TV shows set in Chicago have been popular among American viewers. Chicago played...
  3. Television

    Now married, Mike & Molly gear up for Season 3

    Mike & Molly is a unique sitcom in many respects. The two main characters met at Overeaters Anonymous and soon became a couple....
  4. Movies

    DVD/BluRay Report: Bridesmaids bring home the party

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    With blockbuster Bridesmaids coming home on DVD/Blu-ray, no other new movies stood a chance over the weekend of Sept 23, limiting...
  5. Television

    CBS Upfront report: The new fall 2011 schedule

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    The new CBS 2011-2012 primetime slate includes three new dramas, two new comedies and a schedule shakeup for fall 2011's 19...
  6. Diet

    Marie Claire blog post infuriates readers

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    Marie Claire blogger Maura Kelly angered readers when she posted a blog detailing her disgust for overweight people who are like...