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    Birdman releases second trailer: 4 Ways it's different than the first

    The first trailer for Birdman had us wowed and now the second has left us with our jaws on the floor.
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    Birdman trailer with Michael Keaton is both bizarre and incredible

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    Director Alejandro González Iñárritu's trailer for Birdman has us hypnotized… in a really good way.
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    Michael Keaton spills: What Robocop & drones have in common

    SheKnows tends to stay pretty politically neutral (it's in everyone's best interest), but when Michael Keaton and Robocop director...
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    Sneak peek of Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation

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    Are your kids yearning for more Toy Story movies? Even though Toy Story 3 was the last feature film, Toy Story: Hawaiian...