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    Diana Ross to sign off on Jackson custody agreement

    Michael Jackson trusted Diana Ross with his children, so she will be weighing in on the new agreement.
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    Stressed Katherine Jackson shares custody of MJ's kids

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    Katherine Jackson and TJ Jackson were caught in a custody battle earlier this week. Court paperwork filed Friday revealed Katherine...
  3. Entertainment

    Conrad Murray invites Katherine Jackson to visit him in jail

    Conrad Murray said he knows Jackson is hurting and wants to answer her questions "before she departs this life."
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    Prince Michael puts the Jackson family on blast

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    Michael Jackson's oldest son says there was definitely a plot to keep his grandmother Katherine away from the grandkids -- and he...
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    Katherine Jackson just needed a vacation

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    Katherine Jackson says her children didn't kidnap her in a bid to steal their dead brother's fortune -- she just needed a vacation...
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    TJ Jackson gets custody of uncle Michael Jackson's kids

    TJ Jackson, son of Jackson 5 member Tito Jackson, gained temporary legal custody of Michael Jackson's children on Wednesday in the...
  7. Music

    Good news for MJ's "missing" mom Katherine Jackson

    While Michael Jackson's mom may be "safe and well" with her daughter in Arizona (so says Jermaine Jackson), there's no love to be...
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    Katherine Jackson had a stroke? Paris wants answers

    Paris Jackson is using Twitter as a platform to come to her family's defense -- whether that means calling fellow Jacksons out for...
  9. Entertainment

    Spike Lee working on a Michael Jackson documentary

    The famous filmmaker is going through old material and said even he is finding new information about the singer.
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    Elvis hair & Madonna underwear auctioned for big bucks

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    The chance to buy a lock of Elvis hair recently had auction-goers all shook up. See how much the King's dark strands sold for -- as...
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    Conrad Murray wants to tell his side of the story

    Conrad Murray's lawyers claim the disgraced doctor regrets not taking the stand in his own defense. Too little, too late?
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    Michael Jackson and other celebs we wish weren't dead

    You know how some celebrities pass and you’re kind of like, “That’s a bummer,” and then you go back to eating your frosted Cheerios?...
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    Fans remember Michael Jackson on 3rd anniversary of death

    Can you believe it's been three years since the world lost the King of Pop? Time hasn't dimmed Michael Jackson's legacy, as famous...
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    Remaining Jackson 5 brothers unite for tour

    The remaining Jackson Brothers may not be able bring their King of Pop sibling Michael Jackson back, but they are bringing back...
  15. Music

    Justin Bieber takes a writing cue from Michael Jackson

    Justin Bieber talks about moving on from last year's drama, his new tour and his new album in an interview with Billboard magazine.
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    Paris Jackson lets the haters hate

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    Paris Jackson talked to Oprah Sunday night about her past, present and future. Find out how she deals with a problem millions of...
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    Paris Jackson's masked childhood: What was the deal?

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    Paris Jackson is one of only a few people who understood why her father, Michael Jackson, made his children wear masks -- until now....
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    Paris Jackson is still mourning her dad

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    Paris Jackson is talking to the one and only Oprah Winfrey about the death of her world famous father. Check out a sneak peek of the...
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    Michael Jackson letter an omen to his death?

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    Auction house pulls heartbreaking letter that detailed Michael Jackson's suffering nearly twenty years before his death.
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    Did Michael Jackson want brother Randy dead?

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    Did Michael Jackson threaten violence against his own family? Yes, according to one Jackson "insider." Find out what Matt Fiddes has...