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    Katherine Jackson's on the hook for AEG Live's court costs

    Michael Jackson has been dead for nearly five years now, but the lawsuits surrounding his death continue. And now his mother...
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    Debbie Rowe is fighting for custody of Michael Jackson's kids

    Prince and Paris Jackson's lives have been somewhat up in the air since the death of their dad, and now their mom wants to be a part...
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    The kid is not his son! Michael Jackson DNA results fake

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    B. Howard's DNA results that supposedly proved he is the son of the late Michael Jackson are so, so fake.
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    5 Things to know about B. Howard, MJ's alleged son

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    B. Howard, a 31-year-old man who recently came out of the woodwork to claim Michael Jackson is his father, is ready to go public...
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    Michael Jackson, B. Howard is your son! There's DNA proof

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    Get ready to meet B. Howard, the 31-year-old son of Michael Jackson. After word of a positive DNA match went public, the man whose...
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    INTERVIEW: The Jacksons plan "bittersweet" tribute to Michael

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    SheKnows spoke with Jackie Jackson as The Jacksons prepared for their 40-day Vegas residency. We learned about a "bittersweet"...
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    10 Celebrities with the most followers on Facebook

    It's hard to believe Facebook has been around for a decade. SheKnows takes a look at the Top 10 celebrity fan pages on the social...
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    Justin Timberlake continues to inspire ex Britney Spears

    Britney Spears once ruled the music world. Now older and wiser, she finds inspiration in all areas of the music industry.
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    INTERACTIVE PHOTO: A deeper look at unexpected celebrity deaths

    The death of celebrities from drugs or alcohol seems to have become part of popular culture, but why? A new infographic shows the...
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    Michael Jackson death doc: "I held his penis every night"

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    The doctor who went to jail in connection with the death of pop icon Michael Jackson still insists he didn't do it — and he is...
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    Michael Jackson death doc Conrad Murray out of jail

    Michael Jackson's death doc has been released from jail after just two years and he has plans to get his medical license back!
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    Corey Feldman details sickening Hollywood sexual abuse

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    Corey Feldman has talked about the ways he and childhood pal Corey Haim were abused before — but never in such shocking detail.
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    Jury finds AEG not responsible in death of Michael Jackson

    Years after Jackson's death, a jury has decided the concert promoter producing his "This Is It" tour was not responsible for his death.
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    Will.i.am is getting twerking lessons

    Superstar will.i.am shares his opinion on the dance phenomenon twerking, and says he even takes lessons to perfect his...
  15. Music

    Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson duet leaked online

    He may have left us a few years ago, but new music from Michael Jackson may be just around the corner — if Justin Bieber has...
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    Lady Gaga channeled Michael Jackson on latest album

    Lady Gaga has revealed that she tried to channel the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, for inspiration on her latest album, ARTPOP .
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    Katherine Jackson takes the stand in the AEG trial

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    The lawsuit involving AEG Live and the Jackson family continues as Katherine Jackson took the stand on Friday to defend her deceased...
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    Paris Jackson leaves hospital after suicide attempt

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    Paris Jackson has left the hospital after being committed for having cut her wrists with a kitchen knife and taking as many as 20...
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    Heartfelt notes from Michael Jackson and his children

    The Jackson family gets handwritten notes from Michael Jackson and his children admitted into evidence in the AEG trial.
  20. Music

    Corey Feldman's music video: In a word, embarrassing

    Corey Feldman hasn’t had an easy go of it in Hollywood, becoming one of those celebrities that we almost feel a little dirty for...