michael chiklis

  1. Television

    Vegas recap: The cover-up

    Shell-shocked Jack covers up his involvement in Rizzo's death to save his relationship with Mia. But is compromising his values and...
  2. Television

    Vegas recap: Someone will die

    Jack walks into Rizzo's trap, the Milwaukee hit man escapes again, and Dixon finally gets to be play the hero.. for a few minutes.
  3. Movies & Reviews

    Parker movie review: To catch a thief

    Based on a series of books by Donald E. Westlake, this action flick plays out in a world where diamonds are a girl’s best friend and...
  4. Television

    Vegas recap: Love and other confessions

    Murder, betrayal and breakups could be in store when dangerous secrets are revealed!
  5. Television

    Vegas recap: Buried Alive

    Chaos ensues as bad guys take hostages, a card shark scams the Savoy, an unlikely duo team up to expose Rizzo and the Tumbleweed...
  6. Television

    Vegas recap: Indecent proposal

    Savino finds himself in a jam only Mia can fix when he invites a high-roller to gamble at the Savoy.
  7. Television

    Vegas recap: Havana nights

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    The stakes are getting high in Vegas. From past lovers to what really happened to Lamb's wife, this week's episode may be the best yet!
  8. Television

    Vegas recap: The Milwaukee hit man

    Remember when Vincent Savino's Tumbleweed Club deal with the Milwaukee mob went south? So does Milwaukee. Now they've sent their...
  9. Television

    Vegas recap: Law vs. Justice

    Rivals Ralph Lamb and Vincent Savino join forces to catch a conman stealing from the Savoy. There's no way this doesn't end with...
  10. Entertainment

    Vegas recap: Going legit

    The gaming commissioner’s son just got kidnapped and is being held for ransom. But, there’s no need to fear. Ralph Lamb is on the...
  11. Television

    Vegas recap: Dodging bullets

    There's conflict left and right on the bright streets of Vegas! The Lamb brothers aren't getting along and Vincent Savino can't seem...
  12. Television

    Vegas recap: Savino vs. the hothead

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    Vincent Savino has big plans for his little casino, and nothing will stand in his way... except maybe Mia's volatile father ( think...
  13. Television

    Vegas recap: Battle of wits

    It's not easy being a gangster. You have to outwit the good guys, outplay the bad guys, and school the boss's daughter -- all...
  14. Television

    Vegas recap: Money, power and crime

    The old law of the West and the new crime of the East battle for control of 1960s glamorous Vegas in this new CBS drama....
  15. Television

    CBS show Vegas gives a glimpse of Sin City in the '60s

    A lawman and a mob boss are pitted against each other in 1960s Las Vegas.
  16. Television

    Rebecca Mader dishes No Ordinary Family

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    Rebecca Mader is no stranger to working the supernatural on television. Mader is a veteran of the world of Lost and now she’s...
  17. Television

    Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz dish No Ordinary Family

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    After seven years on The Shield , star Michael Chiklis was ready to star in a show that he could watch with his children. For...
  18. Television

    No Ordinary Family: Fall’s family hit

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    When it comes to TV, No Ordinary Family star Michael Chiklis can do no wrong.
  19. Television

    No Ordinary Family premiere preview

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    On No Ordinary Family , the Powell’s seem to be an ordinary family with ordinary problems. But after their plane crash-lands into...