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    If Michael Bay and Pixar's Up had a baby, it'd look like this (VIDEO)

    We all know Michael Bay, the director of the Transformers films, loves to blow s*** up. But what if he took on a beloved Pixar...
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    TRAILER: Look! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles close-ups revealed

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    TMNT delivers a new trailer, and with it, a peek at the film's lean green fighting machines.
  3. Celebrity Gossip

    VIDEO: Michael Bay's meltdown at CES

    It wasn't a good day for director Michael Bay at the Consumer Electronics Show. He probably wants a do-over. Watch his epic meltdown.
  4. Celebrity Gossip

    Director Michael Bay attacked on the set of Transformers 4

    On Thursday, Michael Bay set off for his first day of filming for Transformers 4 in Hong Kong. What followed was a bizarre scene...
  5. Celebrity Gossip

    Mark Wahlberg loves s***-talking roles

    Mark Wahlberg has confessed he loves roles that allow him to talk trash. He isn't intimidated by any one and is best suited to being...
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    Transformers 4 continues to pump up its cast

    Michael Bay's added another actress to the Transformers 4 cast. Chinese star Li Bingbing has signed on for the latest entry in the...
  7. Television

    Former Grey's Anatomy hunk lands new TV gig

    You can't keep a good (hot) actor down. Former Grey's Anatomy star Eric Dane is returning to TV with a new role on a new network.
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    Pain and Gain movie review: Steroids and breast milk

    Based on the real-life crime spree of Miami’s "Sun Gym Gang", Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson and Rebel Wilson star in this dark...
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    Michael Bay is really sorry about Armageddon

    It's been almost 20 years since Michael Bay's Armageddon hit theaters. The movie holds a special place in the director's heart, but...
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    Exclusive photos: Pain & Gain feels the burn

    SheKnows brings you exclusive new photos from the set of Pain & Gain , the ripped-from-the-headlines new film starring Mark...
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    Will Arnett signs on for Ninja Turtles

    Most of the characters for the new Michael Bay movie have been cast, so which character has Arnett signed on for?
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    Original Transformers star making a cameo in sequel?

    Will a familiar face appear in next year's Transformers? Actor Josh Duhamel is hinting at a possible return. He may reprise the role...
  13. Celebrity Gossip

    Megan Fox and Michael Bay have buried the hatchet

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    Megan Fox and Michael Bay have buried the hatchet after a long-running feud over comments she made to the press about the director....
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    Michael Bay giving Transformers a major makeover

    The Transformers franchise is alive and well. After taking a short break, it will be back in theaters with a new cast. Director...
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    Michael Bay confirms new Transformers trilogy

    Transformers 4 is slowly becoming a reality: Director Michael Bay has announced the latest addition to its cast. Plus, he's...
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    Mark Wahlberg's muscle-bound in Pain & Gain trailer

    Mark Wahlberg flexes his muscles in Michael Bay's Pain & Gain . The Oscar-nominated actor headlines the new film, alongside Dwayne...
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    Michael Bay debunks Transformers 4 leak

    Michael Bay's setting the record straight: There's no way the next chapter of Transformers has slipped out to sources yet.
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    Transformers 4 logo released, Wahlberg cast

    Rumors were circling the internet for a while, but it's been confirmed: Mark Wahlberg is officially on board for the fourth...
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    Mark Wahlberg confirmed as next Transformers star

    The rumor on the ol' Internet last week was that Michael Bay had hired Wahlberg for the next film. Bay denied the rumors, but then...
  20. Celebrity Gossip

    Oprah named highest paid celebrity. Again.

    This is Oprah's fourth year on the top of the list, so no one is too shocked. But the rest of the top five come as quite a surprise.