1. Tweens, Teens & College

    Forget college: Find a mentor

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    For decades, a college degree has been the standard for young adults looking to make their mark on the professional world. But has...
  2. Parenting Advice & Columns

    Chasing the Dream: Why you need a mentor – and how to find one

    Every mom dreamer needs a few things: a great plan, a supportive family and... a mentor? Yes, a mentor – or better yet, mentors....
  3. Children's Health

    Strong Women Strong Girls: Mentoring program for girls

    Texting, playing video games (aside from Wii and other active games) and sitting in front of a computer may be fun and games, but...
  4. Career Advice

    Career women: Mentor your way to success

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    Even though the economy has recently shown small signs of improvement, it still appears that a full, global economic recovery will...
  5. Parenting Advice & Columns

    Monday Mom challenge: Recognize your parenting mentor

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    As Mother's Day approaches, we think about recognizing our moms and maybe a special day with the kids. But what about that person in...
  6. Losing Weight

    A new way to get in shape: Finding mentors and friends to 'play' with you

    If you've driven down the street, turned on a TV set, or picked up a magazine recently, you've probably been bombarded with messages...