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    EXCLUSIVE: Megan and Liz talk growing up without a father figure

    Megan and Liz are taking the music world by storm. The duo talked to SheKnows, not only about their music, but also about girl power.
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    INTERVIEW: Megan and Liz girl-talk about boys and tattoos

    What happens when you put two adorable and talented singers in a room with SheKnows? Things take a turn for the girly! We talk...
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    EXCLUSIVE: Watch Megan & Liz spill details on their dream weddings

    Megan and Liz are YouTube sensations and have proven they are here to stay. The girls stopped by SheKnows to talk about what they...
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    EXCLUSIVE: Megan and Liz perform acoustic rendition of Florida Georgia Line's "Stay"

    Megan and Liz stopped by the SheKnows studio to perform two acoustic songs — their original, "All Alright," and a never-before-seen...
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    INTERVIEW: Megan and Liz share new album deets

    Megan and Liz have a lot on their plates right now, including a new album. They talked to SheKnows and gave all the details on the...
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    EXCLUSIVE: Megan and Liz sing song they wrote when they were 10

    Megan and Liz took some time to talk to SheKnows and revealed how they wrote a song when they were 10 years old, and performed it...