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    Disconnect’s Jason Bateman talks about his serious role

    Jason Bateman chats with SheKnows about taking on a serious role in Disconnect and shows us why he shouldn’t be typecast.
  2. Movies

    Disconnect movie review: Facebook is not your friend

    This film is one of the scariest movies I’ve seen lately — but not because of any demon, vampire or ghost. Disconnect depicts the...
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    House at the End of the Street movie review: Listen to mom!

    This moody, creepy teen flick will keep you guessing until the dark and bitter end. Jennifer Lawrence proves once again why she’s...
  4. Television

    Former child star turns into psycho for Bates Motel

    Bates Motel has found its family. The main roles in the horror series have been cast. One is a former child star, the other is an...