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    Airdate for Mad Men 's Season 6 announced

    Absorbing AMC drama Mad Men , which won the Outstanding Drama Series Emmy in four of its five seasons, is coming back for a sixth...
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    Mad Men's Jessica Paré on singing for Don and living room sex

    This past Sunday was a big night for Jessica Paré -- not only did Megan Draper debut as a married woman, but she also sang AND took...
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    Ready for Mad Men season 5? Here's a season 4 refresher

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    It's finally here -- Mad Men returns to AMC with season five! Refresh your memory on season four before tonight's two-hour...
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    Why isn't January Jones in Mad Men Season 5?

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    Fans are excited to reunite with the entire cast of Mad Men , but one key character is missing from both of Sunday's new episodes...
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    5 Reasons why women should be watching Mad Men

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    If you've never tuned into AMC and flashed back to the 1960s world of advertising, you're missing out. Here's why you should watch...
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    How mad was Matthew Weiner when fighting for Mad Men ?

    It's March -- the month of Mad Men 's highly anticipated return to AMC! So what were those negotiations about that pushed Season 5...
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    Mad Men's Matthew Weiner speaks on delay

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    Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner is speaking out about the rumors surrounding the delayed production of season five.