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  1. Celebrity Gossip

    Cory Monteith isn't the only Glee co-star Lea Michele's dated

    The cat's out of the bag! After years of downplaying rumors of a romance with Matthew Morrison, Lea Michele finally fesses up in her...
  2. Music

    2013 American Country Awards presenters and performers

    The ACAs are back and better than ever, and some big names have signed on to join in on the festivities.
  3. Television

    Glee gets stuffed this Thanksgiving

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    While a lot of shows will be dark this Thanksgiving, Glee will be full of stuffing when Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert guest-star...
  4. Television

    10 Cameos that could save Glee from the ratings slump

    Glee has fallen in a rut that not even Demi Lovato or Adam Lambert could salvage this season. Here's our list of the Top 10 Cameos...
  5. Music

    EXCLUSIVE: Matthew Morrison's romantic Christmas plans

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    Glee star Matthew Morrison is out to make your holiday season a little bit brighter with a new holiday album. We sat down with the...
  6. Television

    Glee 's Matthew Morrison on twerking: Chord Overstreet was "the worst"

    Glee did its best to put an end to twerking tonight. Will it work? We have Matthew Morrison's answer, as well as the scoop on the...
  7. Celebrity Gossip

    Matthew Morrison is engaged!

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    Matthew Morrison is getting hitched — but it's another star who broke the news.
  8. Television

    Glee recap: "Wonder-ful"

    Blaine's big confession comes with a rainbow pin. He's saving the ring for later. Are there wedding bells at McKinley again?
  9. Television

    Glee recap: "Lights Out"

    We don't blame Mr. Schue for getting nervous about the competition when he overhears Jessica Sanchez's character singing. The girl...
  10. Music

    Glee 's Matthew Morrison to release second solo album

    Mr. Schuester is bringing his love of standards to the world with his second solo album, the upcoming Where It All Began .
  11. Television

    Glee recap: "Sweet Dreams"

    Rachel gets a callback for her Funny Girl audition, and the glee club reconnects through Marley's original songs.
  12. Television

    Glee recap: "Guilty Pleasures"

    Rachel discovers Brody is a gigolo and confronts him ending the relationship. Don't worry, she's already moved on to Colin, her new...
  13. Television

    Glee sneak peek: "Guilty Pleasures"

    In the upcoming episode of Glee , New Directions will take on songs that everyone loves, but no one wants to admit.
  14. Television

    Glee recap: "Feud"

    Rachel's not pregnant, but her problems are far from over. Santana tries to convince Rachel that Brody is bad news. while Finn and...
  15. Television

    Glee recap: Girls (and boys) on film

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    Santana makes the New York gang change their perspective; Finn helps reunite Emma with Will at a price; and Marley tells Jake about...
  16. Television

    Glee recap: "Divas" dive in for the kill

    Finn gives the New Directions a diva theme to explore; Sam and Santana fight for Brittany; Tina and Blaine connect on a deeper...
  17. Television

    TV's hottest teachers

    Goodbye, summer... hello, school! As students file reticently down hallways to return to class, we celebrate a new semester by...
  18. Television

    What's next for the Glee kids? Internships for all!

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    Now that the big two-hour finale of Glee is over, we think the New Directions make for great interns this summer.
  19. Movies

    What to Expect ’s Cameron Diaz and Matthew Morrison on fake bellies and babies

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    Cameron Diaz plays a high-energy fitness host in the pregnancy comedy What to Expect When You’re Expecting. While the actress told...
  20. Celebrity Gossip

    Did Matthew Morrison call his ex a dumb-dumb?

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    Matthew Morrison has his defenses up today after a report surfaced saying he pretty much called his ex stupid. Did it happen? Read...