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    VIDEO: Matt Lanter on Star-Crossed 's inevitable love triangles

    If The CW has a niche, it's the love triangle, right? When Matt Lanter, star of their new show Star-Crossed stopped by, we had to...
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    SPOILERS: Matt Lanter says Star-Crossed aliens do not have 3 penises

    We chatted with the star of The CW's new show Star-Crossed , Matt Lanter, and dove deep into the world of his Atrian character,...
  3. Movies

    Forget Matt Bomer! Up-and-comers to play Christian Grey

    OK, we admit that the fans petitioning for Matt Bomer to play Christian Grey know their stuff ... the White Collar actor would be...
  4. Television

    Star-Crossed connects two lovers from across the galaxy

    Will these modern-day lovers meet the same fate as Romeo and his girl?
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    90210 preview: "O Holly Night"

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    Can Naomi suck up her pride and do her job on this week's all-new episode of 90210 ? Doubtful, but we'll see.
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    90210 : "Smoked Turkey"

    It's holiday time, and what better way to celebrate than with the gang from 90210 .
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    90210 preview: "A Thousand Words"

    Teddy's Vegas wedding tape is out and it's not looking good for his uncle's campaign. Keep reading for a preview of this week's new...
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    90210 preview: "Vegas, Maybe?"

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    The CW is really rolling out the welcome mat for the guest stars on 90210 this week. Read on to see which country superstar and...
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    90210 preview: "Let The Games Begin"

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    Greek Games and Naomi's revenge -- 90210 is going to get interesting this week.
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    90210’s Matt Lanter reveals his celebrity crush

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    90210's badboy Matt Lanter lets SheKnows in on Liam’s antics this season and what he's really like off screen.