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    The CW's Cult lacks a following, moves to Fridays

    The CW has a Cult that no one wants to follow. The midseason drama is struggling in the ratings and has been bumped from its...
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    The Vampire Diaries : Let's take a moment to drool at the men

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    Since The Vampire Diaries is back, let's resume the onscreen adoration. We rounded up the men and found out why they're also...
  3. Television

    The Vampire Diaries recap: You think you know the Originals, but you have no idea

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    The long-awaited past of the Originals was revealed on The Vampire Diaries this week and it was as epic as we thought it would be!
  4. Television

    The Vampire Diaries : "Ordinary People"

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    The time has come for The Vampire Diaries to begin unveiling their November sweeps episodes. This week, we begin with a tale that...
  5. Television

    The Vampire Diaries recap: Ghostly intentions and more Mikael

    The ghost mystery got interesting this week -- check out what went down on an all-new episode of The Vampire Diaries .
  6. Television

    The Vampire Diaries recap : "The End Of The Affair" marks interesting beginnings

    Stefan and Klaus gave us a taste of the roaring twenties on The Vampire Diaries this week. If you thought Stefan's hair was...