1. Pregnancy

    You won't believe what this adorable husband did when his wife didn't want maternity pics

    I had very few photographs taken when I was pregnant because I felt like a bloated, cranky, exhausted monster-person. I think a lot...
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    Brain shrinkage during pregnancy — it's a thing

    Pregnant? Do you feel your brain is fuzzy?
  3. Parenting

    Dad's actions and health affect the baby, too

    Everything he does during the pregnancy affects the health of the mother and in turn their unborn child.
  4. Mommy Style

    How to find inexpensive maternity clothes

    If you're on a budget, you might just go into early labor when you look at the price tags in boutique maternity clothing stores. Who...
  5. Mommy Style

    How to make your regular clothes into maternity clothes

    Brand new maternity clothes can take a serious bite out of your bottom line. Why shell out the cash, when you can update your...
  6. Pregnancy

    Top 20 Craziest maternity photos ever

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    These pregnant moms had some serious fun with their baby bumps in these crazy, cool — and yes, even a few awkward — maternity...
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    10 Peculiar pregnancy questions answered

    Pregnancy can cause all sorts of weird – and downright embarrassing – changes to happen to your body. We’ve sought out the answers...