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    How I knew my husband was the one for me

    My husband and I met when we were freshmen in college, and have been together for almost 11 years. I'm not saying we're perfect (I...
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    The worst newlywed advice ever

    If you're about to get married, you will get loads of unsolicited marriage advice. We asked readers what bad advice they've received...
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    10 Things I wish I knew before getting married

    Marriage is by far one of the biggest commitments you'll ever make and unfortunately, it's impossible to be fully prepared for the...
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    10 Questions to ask your husband weekly

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    Communication, or lack thereof, is the root of all problems in marriages. Instead of waiting for issues to arise and failing to...
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    6 Ways to keep the fire burning during deployments

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    When most military couples get married they typically have an idea of what's in store for them with the military lifestyle. However...
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    A silent support system that can strengthen your marriage

    In many cases, visible support in a relationship can be very beneficial. Yet in a study by psychologists Maryhope Howland and Jeff...
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    Couples on the brink of divorce

    Couples who make it through the tough times are the ones we admire the most. We spoke with couples who almost got divorced but found...
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    Couples reveal their secret to a successful marriage

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    Why is it that some couples seem so in love and so happy together, even those in long-term relationships? We asked couples to share...
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    Love advice from Lee & Morty, the Swiffer commercial couple

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    Swiffer commercial stars Lee and Morty Kaufman captured our hearts with their adorable on-screen interactions. The 90-year-old...
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    10 Ways to improve your marriage daily

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    Your marriage is the most important relationship you'll ever have. Interestingly enough, many people choose to put it on the back...
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    Knowing when to see a marriage counselor

    Sure, every couple has problems. But when do you bite the bullet and decide it's time to see a marriage counselor? Here, we uncover...
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    Married with babies? Real couples share how they keep the spark alive

    Keeping the spark alive in your relationship is a challenge once babies enter your lives. Thankfully, some couples have mastered...
  13. Love & Sex

    Mortifying Mommy-Daddy sex stories

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    As a parent, having my kids catch me in the act would by-far top my list of embarrassing moments. Luckily, it's never personally...
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    Women reveal what they wish they knew before marriage

    Ladies, let’s talk marriage. If there was something — anything — you could tell yourself about marriage before...
  15. Sex

    Great husband, lousy sex?

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    Congratulations, you’re unusually blessed to be among the ranks of the happily married. You and your husband are best friends and...
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    The secret to a happy relationship: Be selfish

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    The first time I met my client Sylvia, she told me, “I am getting out of this marriage. Things are so bad. And he won’t even come to...
  17. Celebrity Gossip

    Miranda Lambert spills relationship tips and how she's spending the holidays with Blake

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    Country music star Miranda Lambert spills her relationship secrets, biggest marriage tip and how she is spending the holidays with...
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    Mom story: My husband has Asperger’s syndrome

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    Kristen Finch, 35, of northern Illinois, and mother of two kids ages 5 and 6, knew something was wrong with her husband, David,...
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    Is newlywed bliss real?

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    While often the first year of marriage is amazing and blissful, completely drama free, full of love and adoration, googly eyes and...
  20. Celebrity Gossip

    Celeb Marriage Mentors: Candace Cameron Bure

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    This month we are lucky to have Candace Cameron Bure as our very own Celeb Marriage Mentor. We got to chat a little with her to find...