1. Love

    10 All-too-common relationship myths

    We have all read about happily ever after and other misleading fantasies in storybooks. Most people continue to buy into these...
  2. Parenting

    My daughter won't cause us to divorce, thanks

    Color me shocked, but did you know that couples with firstborn daughters are more likely to get divorced than couples with sons?
  3. Love

    3 Ways to lessen stress in your relationship

    Relationships can often be one of the biggest sources of stress in our lives. There are several reasons for this.
  4. Relationships

    Divorce rates: Are they as bad as we think?

    Half of all marriages end in divorce. The rate is even higher for remarriages. And of those couples who stay married, most aren't...
  5. Weddings

    Half of newlyweds don't have wedding night sex anymore

    Hold onto your panties, ladies: A new study has revealed nearly half of American couples don't consummate their marriage on their...
  6. Relationships

    Does Satisfaction predict the future of relationships?

    Modern life means modern relationship problems. In USA Network’s new original drama series Satisfaction , a couple at their...
  7. Relationships

    What was your love turning point?

    Satisfaction , USA Network’s provocative new original drama series explores the shocking and unconventional choices one couple...
  8. Television

    An evolution of marriage on television

    Just like the modern marriage has changed, so has marriage on television. From keeping one foot on the floor and separate beds to...
  9. Love

    Shared values can mean a more fulfilling relationship

    How do you identify your and your partner's values? Ask yourself the following questions.
  10. Relationships

    Can feminism save your marriage?

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    I'm 34 years old and it's taken me my entire adult life to realize that feminism is here for me. I just wish I'd had that...
  11. Well-being

    Did you know? Having a positive spouse helps you live longer

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    Sure, having a positive spouse makes for healthier relationship but did you know it could actually help your live longer? If your...
  12. Relationships

    Real women who nailed down their own George Clooney

    One thing is clear when reading these stories of married men who'd previously sworn off marriage: They just had to find the right...
  13. Relationships

    The proposal that took four years, 26 countries and lip-synching

    Marriage proposals come in many shapes and sizes. From Twitter proposals to Home Depot flash dances, the moment before all the...
  14. Books

    Marital cheating and scandal in books: Sending the wrong message?

    Marriage is a serious relationship of commitment and hard work, but when it gets too hard, is it OK to cheat?
  15. Books

    A married woman’s take on Susan Patton’s Marry Smart

    College is prime dating territory, but in your early 20s, is it really wise to scare up a husband and expect a successful marriage?
  16. Relationships

    Debate: Should incompatibility be valid reason for divorce?

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    All states currently allow no-fault divorces in some form or another, but a Kansas bill would eliminate this choice for its...
  17. Dating

    Strategic ways to bring up marriage

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    So you want to bring up the idea of marriage, you’re just not sure how or when the appropriate time is? No need to stress because...
  18. Relationships

    How separation actually saved one woman's marriage

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    Carlos and Corie's marriage was on the rocks in 2009, but a separation allowed them to repair the damage and their relationship....
  19. Relationships

    It turns me on when my husband...

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    Keeping sex interesting after years of marriage is definitely a challenge. Any wife who says her sex life is the same as when she...