marinade recipes

  1. Grilling Recipes

    Dr. Pepper marinated grilled chicken

    Dr. Pepper never tasted so good. Use a sticky sweet marinade and create a perfect grilled chicken dinner.
  2. Holiday & Seasonal Recipes

    10 Brisket marinade recipes for Hanukkah

    If you enjoy a rich, flavorful brisket at your Hanukkah celebration, one of these sort-of-traditional-but-not-really marinades will...
  3. Meatless Recipes

    Meatless Monday: Grilled mushroom and potato kebabs with rosemary marinade

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    On a Meatless Monday, enhance your regular rice or quinoa dish by adding hearty, flavorful veggies to the mix. Herbs and lemon...
  4. Family Recipes

    Sunday dinner: Grilled chicken with Dijon mustard marinade

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    To jazz up your grilled chicken without much effort, consider a marinade made with Dijon mustard. It's a flavorful option that you...
  5. Grilling Recipes

    5 Marinade recipes for grilled chicken

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    Nothing beats a juicy chicken breast straight off the grill. Here we share five easy and super flavorful recipes to make your very...