marilyn monroe

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    PHOTOS: Kimberley Garner accidentally moons paparazzi

    Kimberley Garner is not the first celebrity to have a wardrobe malfunction. However, she is a celeb who appears to have enjoyed...
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    Love quotes from Old Hollywood stars

    Times may change, but the best love advice is classic. The quick-witted stars of Old Hollywood knew a thing or two about love, men,...
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    INTERACTIVE PHOTO: A deeper look at unexpected celebrity deaths

    The death of celebrities from drugs or alcohol seems to have become part of popular culture, but why? A new infographic shows the...
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    Is Kim Kardashian the modern-day Marilyn Monroe?

    Vanity Fair recently celebrated the iconic starlet Marilyn Monroe for its 100th anniversary issue, but someone was very upset with...
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    Brittany Murphy poisoned? Strange celebrity deaths

    Celebrities live much bigger lives than the rest of us, so why should their deaths be any different? When it comes to certain...
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    The truth is out: Marilyn Monroe had cosmetic surgery

    Marilyn Monroe, one of Hollywood's biggest sex symbols, is celebrated for her natural beauty. However, new information has revealed...
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    Get your Old Hollywood fix with Warner Archive

    Go back in time with Warner Archive Instant. The online streaming service allows you to watch iconic titles from Hollywood's golden...
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    Hollywood true crime: 5 Real-life mysteries

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    If only real-life mysteries could be wrapped up in an hour, as they are on our favorite detective shows. These five true Hollywood...
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    Marilyn Monroe's "suicide note" is up for auction

    A handwritten letter from Marilyn Monroe to mentor Lee Strasberg mentions suicide and reveals Monroe's desperate state of mind...
  10. Entertainment

    Lindsay Lohan claims a better work ethic than Elizabeth Taylor

    The actress has a new movie coming out on Lifetime this Sunday, and she claims to be a better actress than the one she portrays.
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    Celebrity body "flaws"

    What is it about celebrities that makes us feel so self-conscious about our looks? Hmm... maybe their amazing bodies, stunning...
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    50 Years of Marilyn Monroe-inspired beauty

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    Some call it eternal beauty and some call it plain ol' sex appeal. Either way, there's no doubt that Marilyn Monroe has left her...
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    Is it possible to remake Marilyn 50 years later?

    We delighted in Michelle Williams' performance as the double-M in My Week with Marilyn . But if Hollywood remade Monroe's most...
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    New Marilyn Monroe mystery 50 years after death

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    Almost 50 years ago, Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her L.A. home. But the mystery surrounding her death is very much alive,...
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    Did Marilyn Monroe have affairs with some famous actresses?

    The book was released in May and names some famous actresses that were in Monroe's life.
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    5 Looks we want back in the mainstream right now

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    Every generation has its fashion flops. You know the ones. You see them in old family photos (maybe even of yourself) and everyone...
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    That "It Girl"

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    These breakout stars of yesteryear and today know what it means to steal our hearts. From out of nowhere they have made their claims...
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    Who is the next Marilyn Monroe? Reality show announced

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    Everybody loves Marilyn Monroe -- it was both a blessing and a curse for the 1950's icon. And one reality show is out to find the...
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    Why Lindsay Lohan didn't play Marilyn Monroe

    Did you also think that Lindsay Lohan would make for a great Marilyn Monroe? So did she, along with Jon Hamm and Rick Santorum.
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    Rihanna forks over 160Gs on Marilyn Monroe portrait

    Rihanna has splashed out a cool $160,000 on a portrait of Marilyn Monroe created by British artist Claire Milner.