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  1. Sex

    What's happening during your O and his

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    You don’t know much about your big O — except that it’s glorious and pretty much the best thing on earth (beating...
  2. Diet

    Your body: Exactly how to use it

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    The greatest instrument you'll ever own is your body. No, really. It slaves over a hot stove every day making sure you can enjoy and...
  3. Entertainment

    15 Hilarious things women think when they see celebrity bikini photos

    Hey, we don't begrudge celebs their hot bods. After all, most of them work pretty hard for those bodies. But that's not to say we...
  4. Super Moms Guide

    Genuine images of motherhood

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    Moms in the media are well-dressed, made up and picture-perfect. In real life, moms don't fit into cookie-cutter ideals. We asked...
  5. Makeup

    What I’ve learned from not wearing makeup for two years

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    Have you ever bumped into a woman who's done up from H2T and wondered how long it must take to maintain her beauty routine? I can...
  6. Parenting

    Love your mom body

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    Becoming a mom changes your body in many ways. It also places a responsibility on you to help shape your kids' self-esteem and body...
  7. Entertainment

    5 Celebs before and after Photoshop

    It's always been an unspoken truth in Hollywood that the real version of celebs varies from their image in photos, thanks to a handy...
  8. Entertainment

    Most expensive celebrity body parts

    Hey, it takes major moola to look as good as Hollywood's hottest stars! From Jennifer Lopez's trademark booty to Julia Roberts'...
  9. Celebrity Gossip

    10 Celebrities who've been fat-shamed and how they got revenge

    It can be mighty disgusting how tabloids and social media sometimes berate celebrities for their weight, particularly pregnant...
  10. Beauty

    Why I actually admire Miley Cyrus

    Picture yourself when you were Miley's age and make a mental list of all the crazy things you wore/did/said during that time: It's...
  11. Beauty

    Stereotypes women obsess over (that men don’t care about)

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    Do you find yourself obsessively making sure the lighting’s “just right” before getting frisky with your beau? (I...
  12. Workouts

    The great big yoga pose guide

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    Yoga can be intimidating. Yoga can be expensive and yoga can even be dangerous if you push yourself too hard. Cue our big fat guide...
  13. Workouts

    Home workout routines by body part

    Got jiggly bits? Don't we all. These targeted workouts will help you focus your exercise regimen on the body parts that are begging...
  14. Workouts

    Workouts for your body shape

    Thank goodness curvy is in. Women don't want to shed their curves at the same time they shed unwanted pounds, and since we're all...
  15. Sex

    21 Things your vajay-jay would say if it could talk

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    What if your vajay-jay could talk? Would it threaten to call vag protective services on you? Would it make you feel guilty for...
  16. Sex

    Sex positions for when you’re having a fat day

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    Let’s face it — doing the dirty isn’t exactly orgasmic if all you’re thinking about is how chubby you look in the sack. Put your...
  17. Healthy Recipes

    Rainbow smoothie pops for healthy on-the-go snacking

    Heal your body and soothe your creative soul with these deliciously colorful smoothie pops.
  18. Healthy Recipes

    The worst processed foods for your body

    It's a lot of work to change your nutritional habits. Take one step at a time. Begin with this simple list of the worst processed...
  19. Healthy Recipes

    Organic foods you shouldn't waste your money on

    We all have that friend. The snobby one who only buys organic foods and then quickly tells us why we need to or we're failures as...
  20. Healthy Recipes

    How to eat for all-day energy

    It's really no surprise that I did not stick to my New Year's resolutions. In fact, I feel like I did the opposite of what I set out...