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  1. Skin Care

    5 Basic but timeless makeup techniques

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    These makeup basics should be on every girl's must-know list no matter the season. They will keep you looking fabulous as all the...
  2. Skin Care

    Celebrity makeup profile: AnnaSophia Robb

    She's starred in some of our favorite blockbusters, but we're not just fans of AnnaSophia Robb's work. We're also smitten with her...
  3. Skin Care

    How to take a makeup break (or at least fake it)

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    Wearing makeup all the time can get tedious and not to mention hard on your skin. While we don’t suggest you ditch your...
  4. How-Tos

    SheKnows reviews your favorite CC cream

    It started with BB creams and then escalated to CC creams. So before DD creams start to invade our beauty routines at full speed,...
  5. How-Tos

    Lipstick shades for your skin tone

    Perusing the plethora of lipstick shades available at your favorite beauty stores is never an easy feat (especially when there are...
  6. Skin Care

    5 Quick makeup tips to make you look healthy when you’re not

    One of the worst parts of being a grownup is it's way harder to call in sick. Here's how to look your best even when you feel your...
  7. Skin Care

    10 Very weird celebrity beauty regimens

    We know celebrities take their beauty routines very seriously, but is it possible they may take it a little far sometimes? Grapeseed...
  8. Skin Care

    Finding the right color coverage for your complexion

    Have you ever noticed that many women seem to avoid testing a new foundation, concealer or tinted moisturizer on their actual face?
  9. Weddings

    Makeup tips for an outdoor wedding

    Outdoor weddings are beautiful, but they can cause makeup disasters if the bride is not properly armed with supplies like blotting...
  10. Skin Care

    Celebrity makeup profile: Cate Blanchett

    She's starred in some of our favorite blockbusters, but we're not just fans of Cate Blanchett's work. We're also smitten with her...
  11. Skin Care

    Product review: Sumita Beauty Brow Must Have kit

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    Sometimes we can use a little extra help in the eyebrow department. This kit can do the trick, with natural-looking results.
  12. Skincare

    3 Easy DIY beauty tips to glam up your style

    In a beauty rut? All it takes to lift your look are three easy-to-do techniques. Change up your makeup's color, texture and...
  13. Skin Care

    Day-to-night makeup tips

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    That makeup routine you rock during the day just isn’t going to have the same effect once the sun goes down. To pull off a great...
  14. Skin Care

    DIY glamorous lip gloss

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    Share a beautiful smile that shines! No need to hit the makeup counter for a pricey product. Make this DIY glamorous lip gloss...
  15. Skin Care

    How to create a bronze smoky eye

    Bronze smoky eyes are the easiest to apply and the most flattering with your summer glow.
  16. Beauty & Style

    How to highlight and contour like a pro

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    While it used to be a makeup secret of celebrity makeup artists to make cheekbones pop and skin glow, the tricks to highlighting and...
  17. Beauty 365

    10-Step beauty routine for every day of the year

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    Everyone looks good with a fresh, natural face — but dry skin, spots and dark circles can often get in the way of looking our best....
  18. Skincare

    On-the-go makeup for your purse

    As handbag sizes move in and out of fashion, one constant remains the same — you need to carry your makeup! Whether you're carrying...
  19. Skin Care

    Skin care tips from a professional makeup artist

    Need some tips on skin care for your skin type? How about tips for skin care that helps your makeup go on easily and look its best?...
  20. Skin Care

    The perfect red lip: Tips from a makeup artist

    Before I began my career in the beauty industry, I was absolutely terrified of red lipstick. I felt it looked too harsh on me no...