1. Makeup

    This is what "electronic makeup" looks like (VIDEO)

    The future is here, and it's making all kinds of crazy patterns on this woman's face.
  2. Beauty 365

    The new face of NARS has wrinkles and we love it

    When we think of beauty in ad campaigns, what comes to mind? Probably not wrinkles and graying hair.
  3. Beauty

    Foolproof makeup for a girls’ night out

    Nothing says Vegas like stilettos and fierce makeup. A night in Vegas should always start with a perfectly created makeup look, the...
  4. Beauty

    Blend in, stand out and pack light this summer

    When traveling back to Miami (where I grew up) from Stockholm (where I currently live) it's so hard to pack a million brushes. I...
  5. Beauty 365

    We tested over a dozen methods to deflate puffy eyes so you didn't have to

    No matter how many gallons of concealer you put under your eyes, that puffiness still shines through. So what can you do to make it...
  6. Beauty 365

    Finally master the perfect winged eyeliner with this tool

    No brushes? No problem! Create a blended winged eyeliner and eye shadow look with a handy tool you probably already have at home.
  7. Beauty 365

    Why quitting makeup really is worth trying

    I am the girl who always wears makeup. Always. If I don't, I feel exposed and uncomfortable.
  8. Beauty 365

    Whoa, mama! Check out MAC's Marge Simpson makeup line

    What do Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Marge Simpson have in common? A signature look. Now, thanks to MAC Cosmetics, Simpsons...
  9. Makeup

    What does silicone have to do with makeup primers?

    Think back to the last time you updated your home decor. If you painted your walls, you probably began the wall treatment with a...
  10. Beauty How-Tos

    How to clean your makeup brushes with olive oil (VIDEO)

    We're aware of how dirty your makeup brushes can get and have come up with a unique way to clean them.
  11. Makeup

    9 Totally affordable beauty products celebrities love

    It’s no wonder celebrities look good a solid 99 percent of the time: They have oodles of beauty specialists at their disposal and...
  12. Beauty

    Any of these tricks could become your new signature look

    Tired of your boring old makeup routine? Stop wearing the same eyeshadow-blush-lipstick combo day after day and introduce a new...
  13. Makeup

    Cover a blemish like the pros

    Learn how to hide those pesky blemishes with this SheKnows how-to video.
  14. Beauty

    Makeup rut? Refresh your style with these 3 summer looks

    Say goodbye to your standby makeup routine and try out some new looks this summer. We've got three tutorials to get you started.
  15. Beauty 365

    L'Oréal's new makeup app is a makeup genius

    Here's a scenario that is all too familiar in my makeup life: seeing a trend or trick online, buying or gathering the goods,...
  16. Beauty

    Is your morning routine staying fresh all day?

    We've all been there — you start your day with a gorgeous face full of vibrant makeup, but by lunchtime your eyeshadow has dulled,...
  17. Makeup

    Pucker up: 7 Must-have vegan lipsticks

    Get this: We ladies eat anywhere between four to six pounds of lipstick in our lifetime. Every day we chow down on things like...
  18. Beauty 365

    How to Photoshop your look without a computer

    Photoshop, when used responsibly, is awesome. A few clicks and you've removed the dark circles under your eyes, thinned out your...
  19. Makeup

    The too-cool makeup trend Zoe Kravitz just triggered

    Red carpets are no stranger to bold makeup and unconventional eyeliner, but Zoe Kravitz really caught our eye at the American Ballet...
  20. Beauty

    Gorgeous lipsticks for everyday wear

    Find the right lipstick for your skin tone.