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    Starz' Magic City : "Who's the Horse, and Who's the Rider?"

    Stevie and Danny scrambled to unveil a blackmailer in the latest Magic City .
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    Starz' Magic City : "The Harder They Fall"

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    The Miramar Playa hosted a televised boxing match, and Ike suffered a TKO, in last week's Magic City .
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    Starz' Magic City : "Suicide Blonde"

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    Ike was forced to get his hands dirty in an effort to save Judi's life during Friday night's Magic City .
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    Starz' Magic City episode recap: "Atonement"

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    Ike engaged the district attorney in a battle of wits, a robbery rocked the Miramar and a murder plot went awry in the latest Magic...
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    SheKnows exclusive: A sneak peek at Magic City episode 5!

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    In this SheKnows exclusive sneak peek at Magic City , tensions rise between Vera (Olga Kurylenko) and her stepdaughter, Lauren...
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    Starz' Magic City : "Castles Made of Sand"

    Ike looked to the past to secure a brighter future for the Miramar in last night's episode, "Castles Made of Sand."
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    Starz' Magic City : "Feeding Frenzy"

    Magic City gained some momentum in its second installment.
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    Starz' Magic City : "The Year of the Fin"

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    Atmosphere trumps complexity in the opening hour of Starz' Magic City .
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    Too soon? Magic City renewed for second season

    Starz has high hopes for their new period drama Magic City . The series has yet to debut, but the network's already renewed it for...