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    Revenge recap: Dead water

    Jack and Amanda are in danger when Nate Ryan confronts them on their boat. Only one will make it out alive.
  2. Television

    Revenge recap; Murder at the Grayson's

    When a relationship is in trouble steps need to be taken to fix it. Sometimes that means making a deeper commitment, ending a...
  3. Television

    Revenge recap: Dirty work

    In order to save his sister, Aiden must murder an unsuspecting victim. But when his plan interferes with Emily's, will it end their...
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    Revenge recap: Million-dollar nightcap

    The faux-mance continues as Emily gets closer to Daniel, Victoria toys with a powerful man and a new relationship may be just...
  5. Television

    Revenge Recap: Framed

    Get ready for deception, corruption, abuse of power, love triangles, cheating and fake relationships! Revenge is back from winter...
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    Revenge recap: There's a new boss in town

    While plotting to ensure Daniel is elected CEO of Grayson Global, Emily wonders if there's more to life than revenge.
  7. Television

    Revenge recap: Ghosts of Thanksgivings past

    It's Thanksgiving 2006 in the Hamptons and things are getting crazy. Dark family secrets are revealed, enemies are made and new love...
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    Revenge recap: Will the real Amanda please stand up?

    The truth is a dangerous thing when it winds up in the wrong hands, but no one knows how to spin it better than Emily.
  9. Television

    Revenge recap: Cold dead revenge

    It's all about wedded bliss in The Hamptons — from a sham wedding to a real proposal. But a frozen dead man and nosy Mason are going...
  10. Television

    Revenge recap: He without sin

    Forgiveness is hard for anyone, but it's especially tough to do when your mother tried to kill you. Can Emily forgive and forget?
  11. Television

    Revenge recap: Dangerous skeletons

    It's dangerous to dig up the past, but Emily's always carrying that shovel around. Will she learn her lesson before someone really...
  12. Television

    Revenge recap: Secrets revealed

    It's a big night for revealing secrets in The Hamptons and this time, someone is going to pay a big price.
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    Revenge gets romantic with James Purefoy

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    ABC's Revenge is on a roll. The drama's become a hub for recurring guest stars like William Devane and Courtney B. Vance. The...