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    Mad Men recap: "To have and to hold"

    What do Joan's confidence and Don's marriage have in common? They're both in serious trouble.
  2. Television

    Mad Men recap: "The Collaborators"

    Testy, testy! Everyone is up in arms on this Jon Hamm–directed episode of Mad Men .
  3. Entertainment

    QUIZ: Is your boss a mad man?

    If you're a fan of Mad Men , you've likely recoiled in horror at the way the men talk to and treat their secretaries. And that...
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    Mad Men dating advice: He said, she said

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    Our buddy over at eHarmony sat down and dissected Mad Men to offer up a little dating advice for all our lovely, single readers....
  5. Television

    Spoilers? Historical events to inspire Mad Men

    Each season of Mad Men is as closely guarded as our president. Getting real spoilers can often prove impossible. What we can do,...
  6. Television

    Linda Cardellini on her shocking Mad Men appearance

    Almost unrecognizable beneath vintage styling and a wig, Linda Cardellini of Freaks and Geeks and ER landed on Mad Men's sixth...
  7. Television

    Mad Men season 6 premiere recap

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    *Warning: Do not read unless you've seen Mad Men 's season 6 premiere, "The Doorway." Unless, of course, you like spoilers.
  8. Television

    TV match-ups: outrageous weddings

    These kids belong together! Even if their characters aren't on the same shows, networks or centuries as one another.
  9. Television

    Play Mad Men Bingo with us!

    Don Draper would not approve of our shenanigans.
  10. Entertainment

    Did Jon Hamm of Mad Men really just say that?

    Don Draper is the kind of guy we love to hate. He’s handsome, has a commanding presence and is brighter than most but then mucks it...
  11. Entertainment

    The cads of Mad Men

    So men of the '60s and '70s weren’t like Mike Brady and Ward Cleaver? Who knew office environments (OK, maybe just ad agency...
  12. Television

    Elisabeth Moss plays a dirty game with Mad Men 's guys

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    Elisabeth Moss' GQ interview was no fluff-filled piece! Find out which Mad Men characters the actress chose for a taboo game...
  13. Fashion News & Trends

    Beauty Beat: Mod is back! Get the Mad Men '60s style

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    Banana Republic is bringing you Mad Men’s mod look with a new line by the show’s costume designer, Janie Bryant. Get her tips on how...
  14. Celebrity Gossip

    Jockey offers Jon Hamm free undies for life

    Making publicity hay while the sun shines, underwear company Jockey tweets an offer to supply Mad Men star Jon Hamm with a...
  15. Celebrity Gossip

    Jon Hamm wants to keep his privates private

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    Jon Hamm would prefer you stop talking about his giant trouser snake, please. No, really. Just stop. He's not kidding. Snicker.
  16. Celebrity Gossip

    Guess which Mad Men co-stars are engaged

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    Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Campbell) and Alexis Bledel played a couple who just couldn't get it together on-screen. Offscreen,...
  17. Television

    Jon Hamm forced to put his package away by AMC

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    Jon Hamm is being forced to wear underwear by AMC after years of being able to swing freely in the breeze.
  18. Celebrity Gossip

    Why James Franco's neighbors hate him

    Is James Franco a terrible neighbor? Alleged block-mates claim the actor/artist is running a production company out of his Silver...
  19. Television

    Former model-turned-senior-citizen sues Mad Men

    What? Don Draper doesn't have time for this stuff!
  20. Television

    Mad Men Season 6 promo released

    The briefest of peeks into the new season of Mad Men .