macaroni and cheese recipes

  1. Quick & Easy Recipes

    One-skillet beef and mac means lots of cheesy goodness with hardly any cleanup

    No one likes washing dishes, so this one-skillet beef and mac is the perfect weeknight dish. Pasta, ground beef, tomatoes,...
  2. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Spicy Swiss chard mac and cheese

    There can never be too many versions of mac and cheese. Here's one to use up those summer greens.
  3. Healthy Recipes

    Meatless Monday: Mustardy mac 'n' cheese with peas

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    Easy to prepare, this decadent dish will entice you with its creamy, flavorful mix that's just a little off the beaten path.
  4. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Light and creamy Greek yogurt mac 'n' cheese with spinach

    It's true — mac 'n' cheese can actually be healthy. This Greek yogurt and spinach version still gives you all that creamy goodness...
  5. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Smoked Gouda mac and cheese

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    A creamy smoked Gouda cheese sauce is blended with spices and mixed with pasta to make a decadent baked macaroni and cheese dish.
  6. Cooking & Entertaining

    Creamy pancetta macaroni and cheese soup

    It's no surprise that we love mac 'n' cheese here at SheKnows. And can you blame us? We decided to play around with our favorite...
  7. Healthy Recipes

    Low-fat macaroni and cheese

    Eat a bowl of this low-fat mac and cheese with all the cheesiness and none of the guilt.
  8. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Butternut squash mac 'n' cheese with bacon and caramelized onions

    This mac 'n' cheese is packed with butternut squash, bacon and caramelized onions. The best part is that the squash blends right in...
  9. Cooking & Entertaining

    Pumpkin brown butter macaroni and cheese

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    Macaroni and cheese just got better. Pumpkin, brown butter and Parmesan sage breadcrumbs put this cheesy pasta dish over the top!
  10. Cooking & Entertaining

    Thanksgiving Day remixes for the classic mac and cheese

    Make it a mac and cheese to remember this holiday season!
  11. Cooking & Entertaining

    Creamy sweet potato and pork belly mac 'n' cheese

    Looking for a chunky, sweet and unique fall recipe? Forget regular mac 'n' cheese and make this creamy, chunky and decadent sweet...
  12. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Pancetta mac and cheese panini

    Four-cheese mac and cheese with pancetta makes this sandwich a real winner for lunch.
  13. Healthy Recipes

    Avocado mac and cheese

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    We are going crazy with the avocados. This fun mac and cheese is packed full of healthy avocado and is perfect served alone or as a...
  14. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Broccoli chicken macaroni and cheese

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    Make a one-dish mac 'n' cheese with chicken and veggies for an easy weeknight meal.
  15. Cooking & Entertaining

    Chorizo macaroni and cheese

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    Ditch the blue box and make this spiced up Mexican-inspired chorizo macaroni and cheese instead.
  16. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Philly cheesesteak mac and cheese

    We are getting a little more grown up with our mac and cheese. With the addition of philly cheesesteak filling, you turn this...
  17. Cooking & Entertaining

    14 Hot pasta recipes

    We all know that pasta is one of the best comfort foods. With such a wide variety of pasta types, at least one of these recipes will...
  18. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Spicy jalapeño mac 'n cheese

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    Jazz up your macaroni and cheese by adding in a little spicy jalapeño. It's the perfect change to your borning weeknight dinner.
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    All-American cookout and campout how-to

    Everyone loves the quintessential summer cookout and campout. Transform the backyard into a summer night's getaway complete with fun...
  20. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Four-cheese mac-and-cheese cups

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    Mac and cheese in a single-serving size. They are perfect to eat for lunch or even to freeze into small lunch-size portions. They...