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  1. Fashion & Style

    Get the look: Lucy Hale's flirty romper

    She's a pretty little liar on the ABC Family show of the same name, but in really life, Lucy Hale is simply a pretty fashionista....
  2. Television

    Pretty Little Liars review: Caleb, Jenna aren't the only ones to return

    The 100th episode of Pretty Little Liars really went out with a bang. No, we mean literally. We have to give the show props for...
  3. Television

    Pretty Little Liars sneak peek: Who's returning for the 100th episode?

    Familiar faces are returning to Rosewood for the Pretty Little Liars 100th episode. Not only is Caleb back in the mix, but our...
  4. Television

    Pretty Little Liars review: 'A' might actually be for Alison

    Pretty Little Liars has come full circle and is now pointing the 'A' finger at Alison. Could the uber-liar also be the Uber-A...
  5. Celebrity Gossip

    Lucy Hale spills about awkward Fifty Shades of Grey audition

    Pretty Little Liars star, Lucy Hale, is talking about her audition for the Anastasia Steele role in the upcoming Fifty Shades of...
  6. Celebrity Gossip

    Lucy Hale shares the secret behind her success: I never had a plan B

    We've all come to know and love Lucy Hale as Aria on Pretty Little Liars , but her hot new country album proves we've only just...
  7. Television

    Pretty Little Liars review: Who wore it best?

    So many look-alikes, so little time. Perhaps the theme of Pretty Little Liars Season 5 will be individuality. Or lack thereof.
  8. Television

    Pretty Little Liars review: Mrs. D is unburied but secrets are not

    Welcome back to "planet Alison" on Pretty Little Liars , everyone, where the only thing bigger than the drama are the lies.
  9. Television

    6 Crazy things we want in Pretty Little Liars Seasons 6 & 7

    Watch out — there are a lot more lies to come. At least two more seasons' worth, that is, and we think it's time for Pretty Little...
  10. Television

    Pretty Little Liars review: There's no way [spoiler] is A

    We definitely call a decoy in our midst on the Pretty Little Liars Season 5 premiere. There is no way A is going down that easily.
  11. Television

    QUIZ: Are you a hard-core Pretty Little Liars fan?

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    Think you know everything there is to know about Pretty Little Liars Season 4? Put your fandom to the test with our quiz from the...
  12. Television

    VIDEO: 5 Answers to expect in Pretty Little Liars Season 5

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    Alison is back and so are the secrets. Pretty Little Liars loves to tease spoilers, but we've got five you can count on for Season...
  13. Music

    INTERVIEW: Pretty Little Liars ' Lucy Hale tackles insecurities on country album

    You love her as the star of a hit teen drama. Now get ready to love her as a country singer. The gorgeous and talented Lucy Hale...
  14. Television

    Pretty Little Liars promo glimpses heart-pounding Season 5

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    Pretty Little Liars Season 5 isn't promising a season of answers like last year. This time, it's only about "one final answer" —...
  15. Television

    Pretty Little Liars cast tells us what to look forward to in Season 5

    After a killer finale, we can't wait to see what's in store for the Liars in Season 5. Luckily, SheKnows was on the red carpet to...
  16. Television

    Pretty Little Liars review: The liars dig up some answers

    Pretty Little Liars spilled all the dirty (pun intended) details about that last night when Ali disappeared. We have four...
  17. Television

    INTERVIEW: PLL cast dishes on "game-changer" season finale

    The cast of Pretty Little Liars hit the PaleyFest carpet to spill the details on the Season 4 finale, which promises to be...
  18. Television

    Pretty Little Liars review: Wait, Alison is shacking up with who?!

    Ella Montgomery and Jason DiLaurentis return just in time to guarantee that the season finale of Pretty Little Liars next week is...
  19. Television

    Is a Pretty Little Liar walking down the aisle?

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    It's a nice week for a little white lie. Pretty Little Liars is going bridal in what ABC Family is calling "the biggest day in...