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  1. Relationships

    The silent treatment and other signs you're in a dysfunctional relationship

    Most of us are guilty of not only ending up in a dysfunctional relationship, but sticking it out long after its expiration date....
  2. Relationships

    Reality TV influences happy relationships, sitcoms poison them

    I used to have a friend who refused to watch romantic comedies.
  3. Relationships

    My dad is only a year older than my boyfriend

    A woman explains how she ended up dating a man 23 years her senior.
  4. Relationships

    Exotic dancer and former porn star Katie Morgan opens up about married life

    If you bumped into Katie Morgan walking down a Los Angeles boulevard, you'd likely think she was like any other gorgeous blonde in...
  5. Dating

    The real problem with dating apps

    I deleted all of my online dating accounts yesterday. In a beautiful cleaning of digital house, I said goodbye to not one, not two,...
  6. Dating

    "Hey Girl" memes inspired by the hot mug shot guy

    We're all familiar with the hilarious Ryan Gosling memes, "Hey Girl," but in light of the viral sensation which is Jeremy Meeks' mug...
  7. Relationships

    This is what really happens when couples make a pact to be healthy

    It turns out those of us who are in a relationship (or used to be) have been trying to execute mutual goals with our guy all wrong.
  8. Relationships

    8 Relationship challenges only Type A personalities understand

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    There's nothing better than meeting that special someone who completes you. Even though you're past the stage where you think...
  9. Sex

    What to do when he's really bad in bed

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    Even though what happens between the sheets is only a fraction of what makes a fulfilling relationship, still — it’s a pretty...
  10. Dating

    Single isn't a life sentence

    The fear of ending up alone is causing many of us to settle for less in our love lives. As someone who loves singlehood and all of...
  11. Dating

    Trista Sutter's relationship advice for Nikki and Juan Pablo

    One thing’s for darn sure: The most controversial Bachelor ever did give us a nice reminder about what a healthy relationship isn't....
  12. Relationships

    Does out of sight out of mind really work?

    Once upon a time, my boyfriend and I broke up. Afterward, I did what any self-respecting woman would do: I avoided him and...
  13. Health & Wellness

    Lovesick: Yes, this is an actual condition

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    Anyone who has been in a romantic relationship knows that lovesickness is a strange cocktail of misery and euphoria. Surprisingly,...
  14. Relationships

    How to create magnetic attraction in your relationship

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    Spiritual teacher Howard Falco provides six states of mind that help foster the strongest attraction with your partner so you can...
  15. Relationships

    6 Ways couples can use their differences to their advantage

    Of course you're going to get on each other's nerves from time to time — it's only natural. But what if the very quirks that...
  16. Dating

    What your cocktail says about your dating personality

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    Grabbing a drink with that cutie you've been crushing on? Well that drink you pick may have an impact on how impressed he is with...
  17. Dating

    How to become comfortable with your religion in your dating life

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    Ever worry about coming on too strong with your religious views? Or concerned you aren't projecting enough of them? How do you find...
  18. Relationships

    Real story: "I lost my husband and my son"

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    Elizabeth experienced two major losses right in a row — a stillborn son followed by the death of her husband. Her love story will...
  19. Love & Sex

    8 Signs you're in a dangerous relationship

    Love and relationships are great when they are healthy ones, but when they go wrong they can go terribly wrong. Many people find...
  20. Television

    Love advice from The White Queen : Guiding your king

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    Holding on to a crown and throne is hard work. To hold on to the power over your love, just try a little tenderness.