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    Jay Z is bringing the music to Los Angeles

    Jay Z is bringing some hot music to Los Angeles this summer. On Thursday, he announced a new music festival in the downtown area.
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    6 Places to try urban exploration

    There's nothing like the mystery and eeriness of abandoned buildings. Discover some of the top places to take creepy and beautiful...
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    Best rooftop lounges

    Thanks to these five, fall-friendly rooftop lounges around the country, sharing a sip and some high-level cuddling in some of our...
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    Where to go now: Best late-summer destinations

    Why not take advantage of the last that summer has to offer, with an end-of-season getaway? We have the scoop on the best...
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    Vacation like a celebrity in LA

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    If you love celebrities, here’s your chance to vacation like a star and maybe even spot one on your next trip to Los Angeles. Let’s...