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    Star Wars sequels, directors lined up through 2018

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    Disney has tapped director Rian Johnson to helm the next two Star Wars episodes.
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    Looper lands top DVD release

    Time travel, Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt with a prosthetic nose fought their way to our No. 1 release this week with the...
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    Hotel Transylvania bites off competition for top box office spot

    Halloween is just around the corner, and Hotel Transylvania proves vampires never go out of style. This Dracula-and-daughter...
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    Looper ’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt addresses his action-star status

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt isn’t your typical action star. With a gun in his hand and a glint in his eye though, Gordon-Levitt makes a...
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    Looper movie review: Bruce Willis’ homely honker

    Set in the future, this time-travel trailblazer demands paying attention to the details. We get to experience a character at...
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    Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a time-traveling Bruce Willis

    The actor is playing a younger Bruce Willis in his new movie, Looper. He talks about how an actor must learn to love a character he...
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    Toronto Festival lineup: Follow the Looper !

    The 2012 Toronto Film Festival is starting off with a bang. Joseph Gordon-Levitt's action flick Looper will open this year's...
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    Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Bruce Willis in Looper

    The new trailer for Looper , the time travel movie in which Joseph Gordon-Levitt is sent into the future to kill himself, aka Bruce...