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  1. Celebrity Gossip

    A 2012 time line of Lindsay Lohan scandals

    Dear Ms. Lohan: Despite what you may believe, most people find you to be a talented actress and singer, and we are deeply saddened...
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    Lady Gaga is a fan of Liz & Dick

    Despite what critics think, Lady Gaga made Lindsay Lohan's day on Monday by telling her what a big fan she is of Liz & Dick . And...
  3. Television

    Lindsay Lohan's mediocre ratings

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    Liz & Dick turns in mediocre ratings as Lindsay Lohan goes back to the drawing board for her big comeback.
  4. Movies

    Tanya Franks: Get to know Lindsay Lohan's Liz & Dick co-star

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    With the world premiere of Lifetime's Liz & Dick tonight at 9/8c, the media is abuzz with chatter about Lindsay Lohan's turn as...
  5. Entertainment

    Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's love affair

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    Beauty. Diamonds. Scandal. Passion. Money. Power. All the drama surrounding one of Hollywood's greatest love stories between...
  6. Entertainment

    Lindsay Lohan claims a better work ethic than Elizabeth Taylor

    The actress has a new movie coming out on Lifetime this Sunday, and she claims to be a better actress than the one she portrays.
  7. Movies

    Liz and Dick movie review: Violet eyes are crying

    Liz and Dick is deliciously fun for its boozy melodrama, 1960’s styling and Lindsay Lohan’s eerie parallels with Elizabeth Taylor...
  8. Celebrity Gossip

    Lindsay Lohan "harassed" her way into Liz & Dick

    The actress heard the movie was being made and did what she had to to get the part, but it looks like the producers may have...
  9. Celebrity Gossip

    Lindsay Lohan will break your heart, says Liz & Dick producer

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    Working with Lindsay Lohan is no piece of cake, says the producer of Liz & Dick — but the end result is totally worth it.
  10. Television

    Liz and Dick trailer: Lindsay Lohan oozes dysfunction

    Lifetime's Liz and Dick is heading our way. The cable network has unleashed a new trailer, starring Lindsay Lohan as Oscar-winner...
  11. Entertainment

    Dr. Drew comments on Lindsay Lohan's so-called exhaustion

    Dr. Drew has been known to speak up about celebrities' problems, and this time he is speaking out about Lindsay Lohan. And it's not...
  12. Entertainment

    Liz & Dick faces more troubles

    Lindsay Lohan's new movie is now being investigated for labor issues after multiple people complain of exhaustion.
  13. Entertainment

    Lindsay Lohan is fine and back on set this morning

    After a scary 911 call by her assistant on Friday, Lindsay Lohan is reportedly okay and is joking about the incident.
  14. Entertainment

    Lindsay Lohan being sued by paparazzo for incident in car

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    Lindsay Lohan is in heaps of trouble. After a recent car accident and failed IRS payments, this new suit doesn't help her cause.
  15. Television

    Ooh la la! Lindsay Lohan finds her Richard Burton

    Lifetime Television has done the impossible. They've found an actor to star alongside Lindsay Lohan in their Elizabeth Taylor biopic...