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  1. Television

    VIDEOS: Chandler's 10 best moments on Friends

    We celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Friends series finale by highlighting Chandler's funniest moments over 10 seasons.
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    Lisa Kudrow loses major lawsuit

    Lisa Kudrow lost a major lawsuit to her former manager after years of battling it out in court.
  3. Television

    10 Things you don't know about CT 's CC

    Courteney Cox has been charming audiences for nearly three decades, a fact made more impressive by the lack of skeletons in her...
  4. Celebrity Gossip

    Lisa Kudrow opens up about her nose job

    When it comes to plastic surgery, Lisa Kudrow has nothing to hide. She's one of the few actresses who's open about getting work done.
  5. Television

    Scandal news: Lisa Kudrow & Scott Foley are steppin' up

    What's ahead for Season 3 of Scandal ? We'll tell you!
  6. Celebrity Gossip

    Lisa Kudrow feels "too old" for Friends reunion

    If you're hoping for a Friends reunion and possible movie, then you may want to look away now because Lisa Kudrow may just shatter...
  7. Television

    BREAKING: NBC on Friends return, 'It's a rumor and not true'

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    We're freaking out on this juicy gossip! Is Friends returning to television?
  8. Television

    Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry's mini Friends reunion

    Courteney Cox drops by to play a love interest on Go On , the NBC series helmed by her former Friends husband Matthew Perry.
  9. Celebrity Gossip

    Malin Akerman doubles up on the good news

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    After romancing Tom Cruise on the big screen in Rock of Ages this summer, Malin Akerman is taking a different turn on the small...
  10. Movies

    What you missed on YouTube: Week of Aug. 17

    This week, headlines were all about Shark Week and Honey Badger (the football player, not the animal) going into rehab. That...
  11. Television

    Don't hold your breath for a Friends reunion, says cast

    If only the doors of Central Perk would open up again to feature the six Friends we watched for ten hilarious years. But the cast...
  12. Television

    Webby Awards host Lisa Kudrow to enforce 5-word acceptance speech rule

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    Web Therapy actress Lisa Kudrow has been tapped to host the 15th Annual Webby Awards on June 13th in the Hammerstein Ballroom in...
  13. Movies

    Emma Stone stars in Easy A trailer!

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    Emma Stone plays a high school girl who shakes up her reputation and wears her own Scarlet Letter to get noticed in Easy A ....