1. Skin Care

    Pucker up: 7 Must-have vegan lipsticks

    Get this: We ladies eat anywhere between four to six pounds of lipstick in our lifetime. Every day we chow down on things like...
  2. Skin Care

    Study confirms that men like you with less makeup

    They say you should never ask a woman wearing a cat eye why she's late, but what if the better question is, "why are you wasting...
  3. Skin Care

    Celeb trendspotting: Purple lipstick

    Ruby red lipstick might have been the favorite in the past, but in the new year, celebrities are picking purple as their choice lip...
  4. Skin Care

    Why your lipstick color doesn't last

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    We talked to a beauty expert to find out why your lip color doesn't last and what you can do to get the color you crave.
  5. Skin Care

    10 Really bold lip color trends for New Year's Eve

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    New Year’s Eve is by far one of the best excuses to go all out with your makeup and no one can say a darn thing. So bust out the...
  6. How-Tos

    How to prevent red lipstick from bleeding

    Ever have the problem of bleeding lipstick? Constantly checking the mirror to make sure that your lipstick isn’t all over your face...
  7. Fashion & Style

    7 Wine-inspired lipstick shades

    Sure, every girl loves to sit down with a good glass of vino after a long day at work. But now you can reap all the beauty benefits...
  8. Beauty & Style

    The guide to red lips

    With thousands of colors and brands of lipsticks, it's hard to find the perfect lipstick for you. Find out exactly what does and...
  9. Skincare

    Pretty seasonal lipsticks and how to wear them

    As the leaves turn that crisp shade of vibrant orange and yellow, swap those summer lipstick shades for a fresh fall color palette.
  10. How-Tos

    Lipstick shades for your skin tone

    Perusing the plethora of lipstick shades available at your favorite beauty stores is never an easy feat (especially when there are...
  11. Fashion & Style

    How to wear orange lipstick like Brittany Snow

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    We've been obsessing over orange lipstick since we spotted it on actress Brittany Snow. It looks fabulous on her, but will it work...
  12. Skin Care

    What your lip color of choice projects to men

    Ever wonder what your favorite red lipstick shade is silently screaming to potential dates? With the help of a few fab experts, we...
  13. Well-being

    Lipstick metals toxic?

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    A new study says repeatedly priming your pout with lipstick or lip gloss could be dangerous.
  14. Beauty 365

    Before you go bold: Best lip exfoliates

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    Bold lip colors are hot, but they show every imperfection on your mouth. Don’t even think about using those bold lip colors...
  15. Skin Care

    Shades of sorbet: The makeup trends for spring

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    Soften your look with these sugary shades of pastel nails, eyes and more for spring!
  16. Skin Care

    Best hot-pink lipsticks to try now

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    For those of you who were sad to see neon lipstick make an exit back in the 1980s, welcome to 2013! We've selected our favorite...
  17. Skin Care

    The secret to wearing bold maroon lipstick

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    Maroon lipstick is a shade that can really outlast the colder months. It's simple to wear with many outfits, especially during the...
  18. Shopping for Beauty & Fashion

    Product Review: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

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    When it comes to lip stains, many are overly drying. We checked out Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain and found a texture...
  19. Skin Care

    3 Bold MAC lip shades demonstrated for spring

    Since I have such fair skin, I used to think that every lip shade I tried accentuated my blemishes or made me look like Casper. I...
  20. Skin Care

    4 Top lipsticks for a luscious pout

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    We're all about self-expression, especially through makeup. Wearing makeup that helps bring out your favorite features is a great...