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    Benefits of moisturizing your lips

    We all have that handy dandy tube of lip balm lying around, but are you actually using it? Keeping that pucker pretty and durable...
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    Bring back the memories: Classic lip balm flavors

    Scents and flavors are linked directly to memory. Just as walking through your childhood home might conjure up happy memories,...
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    10 Reasons to love lip balm

    We all have our beauty and health secrets, but when it comes to lip balm, the secret is out! The unisex beauty balm can be found...
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    Keep your lips happy and hydrated this winter

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    Lip balms -- we love them and need them. While they are a year-round item, it’s this time of year, the chapped lips time of year,...
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    Save vs. splurge: Lip Balms

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    Save/Splurge is back and we're taking on lip balms. Perfect timing, with the weather getting hot and dry. We've got two lovely lip...
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    Get rid of dry, cracked, chapped lips

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    We all hate waking up in the morning with dry, cracked lips. Even worse, the rest of your day is then spent wincing when you drink...