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    Teresa Giudice and Honey Boo Boo: Santa's celeb list

    Poor Santa! The holidays are just around the corner (if the Christmas decorations cluttering store shelves before Halloween are any...
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    Celebrities take to Twitter to talk about Hurricane Sandy

    In the age of social media, people can share their every thought with the world. So during a natural disaster, people take to...
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    No one wants to be Lindsay Lohan's new publicist

    The actress hasn't had the best press in the last few years, and she has been fired by two different publicists. Will she be able to...
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    Lindsay Lohan had sticky fingers on the Scary Movie 5 set

    Lindsay Lohan thinks the whole world is hers for the taking. The latest accusation? She stole $15,000 worth of clothes from the set...
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    The presidential debate: Celeb tweets you won't see

    The American public isn’t stupid and you don’t have to be terribly observant to figure out a media outlet’s agenda. If you tuned...
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    Lindsay Lohan's father seeks Britney-style conservatorship

    Michael Lohan is trying to save Lindsay Lohan from the shady people around her. Too bad Lindsay and her siblings don't want any of...
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    Lindsay Lohan's entire team wanted an intervention

    Last Friday, the people closest to Lindsay Lohan were planning an intervention for her. The puppet master? Michael Lohan, of course.
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    Lindsay Lohan's dad tried to stage an intervention

    Michael Lohan tried give his daughter a surprise trip back to rehab today. But he failed to take two things into account — the...
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    Lindsay Lohan ditches dad for Mitt Romney

    Lindsay Lohan is turning her back on her dad after he went to the media with her frantic phone call for help. Now she's found...
  10. Television

    Girls star's shockingly truthful cocaine confession

    If you're a celebrity and you're going to do blow with a random stranger, it's probably best you make sure they're not a reporter....
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    Justin Bieber: You're not truly famous till your junk is online

    The movie and music industry is a competitive place! No wimps allowed. These days, if you want to stay relevant, you better have...
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    Lindsay Lohan's fight with mom over money, cocaine?

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    Lindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan got into a huge fight after a night of drinking and (alleged) drug use in New York City.
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    Lindsay Lohan, James Deen get lost in Canyons trailer

    It's the trailer you've all been waiting for. Lindsay Lohan and porn star James Deen take a trip to The Canyons. The pair co-star in...
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    Lindsay Lohan's bullied past brought out by Katie

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    Lindsay Lohan was brought to tears by a recent episode of Katie Couric's show, covering the national epidemic of bullying. Sharing...
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    Famous celebrity wardrobe malfunctions

    They may be drop-dead gorgeous, famous and have a Birkin allowance, but that doesn’t prevent celebrities from having the same...
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    Lindsay Lohan finds trouble again

    The actress doesn't know how to stay in on a Saturday night and rent a movie. After a night out on the town, an altercation over...
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    Dina Lohan offers advice to Amanda Bynes' parents

    It's the final irony — Lindsay Lohan's mom wants to help Amanda Bynes' parents learn to deal with their daughter's troubles! It's...
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    Lindsay Lohan's lungs went on strike over the weekend

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    Lindsay Lohan's lungs are definitely not having the best week ever. The star was rushed to a New York hospital Sunday — but was a...
  19. Television

    Liz and Dick trailer: Lindsay Lohan oozes dysfunction

    Lifetime's Liz and Dick is heading our way. The cable network has unleashed a new trailer, starring Lindsay Lohan as Oscar-winner...
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    Lindsay Lohan might be the victim in car accident

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    Believe it or not, Lindsay Lohan might not be at fault in her car accident arrest. New information reveals that the victim might be...