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    Lindsay Lohan: "Rehab is pointless"

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    Lindsay Lohan is adamant that she doesn't need rehab, despite loads of evidence to the contrary.
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    Lindsay Lohan fires lawyer, apparently enters rehab

    Lindsay Lohan continues her crazy rehab antics, reportedly checking in to Betty Ford today, just ahead of an actual arrest warrant.
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    Lindsay Lohan is on the run! Bolts from rehab

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    Lindsay Lohan bolted from rehab just minutes after checking in today, and prosecutors are fuming!
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    Lindsay Lohan checks into rehab facility

    Lindsay Lohan went to a Newport Beach rehab this morning, but not the rehab she was ordered to attend. She changed the venue because...
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    Dina Lohan's ice scream ? Embarrassing celeb mom moments

    You might think your mother is embarrassing, but she can’t hold a candle to the humiliating moments doled out by the mamas of...
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    Is Lindsay Lohan going to blog about her time in rehab?

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    Is Lindsay Lohan's next job a blogger? Reports have the starlet blogging for an entertainment site about her rehab experience.
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    The Bling Ring trailer debuts

    Girls gone wild has taken on a whole new meaning!
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    Lindsay Lohan shows up late to a play with her rich suitor

    Multiple sources report that troubled star Lindsay Lohan, mere days away from heading to rehab, came to a Broadway play 45 minutes...
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    Marlon Wayans gloats over Scary Movie 5 's bomb

    Marlon Wayans, clearly still bitter that he was pushed off the Scary Movie franchise, reflects happily over Scary Movie 5 's...
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    Kevin Hart isn't alone: 7 other celeb mug shots

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    It was no laughing matter on Saturday when Los Angeles traffic police arrested comedian and actor Kevin Hart on suspicion of drunken...
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    Charlie Sheen dishes the dirt on Lindsay Lohan

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    Lindsay Lohan might be trying to turn over a new leaf, but Charlie Sheen clearly didn't get the message. The actor dishes the dirt...
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    David Letterman grills Lindsay Lohan about rehab

    Just days before her newest stint in rehab, the actress put on a brave face and appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman. His...
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    Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen in new Scary Movie 5 clip

    It looks like the actress and the Anger Management star are laughing all the way to the bank.
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    Lindsay Lohan not pregnant, neither is Sharon Osbourne

    Both Lindsay Lohan and Sharon Osbourne pulled pranks on the world yesterday, claiming to be pregnant. But no.
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    Lindsay Lohan tweets pregnancy announcement — but whose?

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    Lindsay Lohan got the Twitterverse up in arms last night after she posted what seemed suspiciously like a pregnancy announcement.
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    Lindsay Lohan parties in Brazil

    America has been far from kind to Lindsay Lohan, but Brazil is eating her up. She seems pretty happy with Brazil, too.
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    James Franco did not take Lindsay Lohan to bed

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    James Franco admitted on Howard Stern's show on Monday that he turned down an opportunity to bed Lindsay Lohan. It seems the...
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    Lindsay Lohan spends weekend out before heading to rehab

    Lindsay Lohan should be on her way to sobriety very soon. But before she does that, she apparently wanted one last weekend of partying.
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    Judge to Lindsay Lohan: You're going to rehab!

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    Lindsay Lohan avoids jail but is ordered to go to rehab after copping a plea deal.
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    Lindsay Lohan's trial begins on Monday

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    It looks like Lindsay Lohan has run out of time. Her trial for her involvement in a June 2012 car crash begins on Monday.