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    Hey, Lindsay Lohan! Driving's not for everyone

    Just because you can sing, dance or act doesn’t mean you can drive. It’s time for these celebrities to hire a bodyguard, a driver,...
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    Lindsay Lohan screams for her dad during NYC arrest

    Lindsay Lohan was arrested Wednesday in New York City after a reported hit-and-run, a possible probation violation.
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    Problem solved? Police take Amanda Bynes' BMW

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    Amanda Bynes can't seem to understand that a suspended license means she can't drive, so police decided to take away her car....
  4. Television

    Dina Lohan is totally drunk on Dr. Phil

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    Mother of the Century Dina Lohan appears on Monday's episode of Dr. Phil to talk about her parenting skills — or lack thereof. We...
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    Did Lindsay Lohan blow off Scary Movie 5 ?

    When Lohan read the script, she reportedly "freaked out" that the movie was poking fun at her. But is that why sources are saying...
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    Alec and Miley: Time for a 12-step Twitter program?

    What is it about lashing out on Twitter that seems reminiscent of those kindergarten arguments that always ended in, “Oh yeah, well...
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    Lindsay Lohan and Courtney Stodden's moms: Take note

    It’s unfair to place complete blame on any parent when her child acts up. Some moms are handed unusual circumstances or a genetic...
  8. Entertainment

    Lindsay Lohan may have trashed Elizabeth Taylor's "love nest"

    The trailer used for the new Elizabeth Taylor biopic was reportedly trashed, and the owner thinks Lohan is responsible.
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    What got Lindsay Lohan banned from Chateau Marmont?

    Lindsay Lohan had been hiding away from the troubles (she creates) at "sanctuary to the stars," Hollywood's historic Chateau...
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    Probation violation?: Lohan is main suspect in $100k theft

    Police confirm they have evidence that Lohan stole several pieces of jewelry after a recent Beverly Hills house party. The bad news...
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    Prince Harry, Shia LaBeouf and other celebs behaving badly

    If you ask Prince Harry, there is a full moon, a hairy one, in Las Vegas -- his. Celebrities often entertain us off-screen with...
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    Uh oh: Lindsay Lohan questioned in Beverly Hills theft

    Lindsay Lohan just wanted to have fun on Sunday night at an exclusive Beverly Hills house party. She ended up facing harsh questions...
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    Lindsay Lohan went from naked & broke to $2 million

    Lindsay Lohan is now worth $2 million. The small fortune is a major increase for the struggling star -- in 2004 Lohan was reportedly...
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    Lindsay Lohan still thinks she's a star

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    Lindsay Lohan apparently thinks the whole world belongs to her. The actress had a meltdown on Tuesday night when she spotted...
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    Amanda Bynes tops list of 7 worst celebs behind the wheel

    Amanda Bynes' blink-and-you-missed it 2005 flick Love Wrecked seems a bit like unfortunate foreshadowing following this year's...
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    Father of the century Michael Lohan set to be dad again

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    Michael Lohan did such an awesome job raising Lindsay Lohan that he thought he'd do it again with on-again, off-again girlfriend...
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    Michael Lohan's offspring and other epically bad omens

    Could the world's clock be coming to an abrupt stop at the end of this year? Nah, not likely. But the occasional breaking news bit,...
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    Famous July birthday baby names

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    If you are expecting a baby in July or have a birthday this month, you may be curious as to what famous celebrities share your birth...
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    Dr. Drew comments on Lindsay Lohan's so-called exhaustion

    Dr. Drew has been known to speak up about celebrities' problems, and this time he is speaking out about Lindsay Lohan. And it's not...
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    The headlines you "missed" this week

    The following stories made headlines this week, seriously. We can't make this stuff up. Sit back, relax and prepare to be...