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    Lindsay Lohan tough enough to handle famous dead people

    Lindsay Lohan implied that she was tasked with rolling a body bag for Whitney Houston because she was the only one at the morgue who...
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    See Emma Stone and 39 other stars' pre-fame auditions (VIDEO)

    Before Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Downey, Jr. and Brad Pitt were huge stars, they had to read for roles in movies and television...
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    Lindsay Lohan files lawsuit against "Grand Theft Auto V"

    After threatening the makers of "Grand Theft Auto V" more than six months ago, Lindsay Lohan has finally pulled the trigger and...
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    Adam Levine swears he didn't sleep with Lindsay Lohan

    The official count is up to two. Adam Levine joins James Franco in denying that he ever slept with Lindsay Lohan.
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    Lindsay Lohan might be working on London's West End

    She's had a tough time getting TV and film jobs, so Lindsay Lohan might take her talents to the stage in London. Watch out, West End!
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    James Franco writes a short story about Lindsay Lohan

    James Franco is looking for more attention. He wrote a story about his night in a bungalow with Lindsay Lohan. Did they sleep together?
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    Dina Lohan sentenced, avoids jail time for DWI

    Dina Lohan found out her fate in a drunk driving arrest from last September, but won't be spending any time in jail.
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    7 Actresses you didn't know were once models

    Most celebrities have an interesting backstory about how they got started in the business. For some actresses, the backstory is the...
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    PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan parties in Cannes after lawsuit

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    Lindsay Lohan is celebrating her leggings lawsuit settlement with a fabulous trip to the Cannes Film Festival — despite the fact she...
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    James Franco denies sex with "delusional" Lindsay Lohan

    James Franco wants the world to know that he definitely did not sleep with Lindsay Lohan. In fact, he thinks she's rather delusional!
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    Lindsay Lohan says Jennifer Lawrence trades sex for roles

    Lindsay Lohan just messed with America's sweetheart, and JLaw's fans are not going to be happy.
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    A gay man's perspective: Why I'm not buying Lindsay Lohan's miscarriage

    Last night Lindsay Lohan's self-titled reality show came to an unexpected conclusion when the actress admitted she suffered a...
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    VIDEO: Lindsay Lohan reveals miscarriage

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    The season — and probably series — finale of Lindsay Lohan's reality show held a few surprises for viewers.
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    How did these celebrity potheads celebrate 4/20?

    Every day is marijuana day for some celebrities, but we were curious to see how they celebrated Mary Jane's special day, 4/20,...
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    Lindsay Lohan confirms sex list is real

    Lindsay Lohan's "sex list" has some big names on it, and the actress finally confirms it came from her. But it was never meant to be...
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    Mean Girls ' Damian talks cliques, quotes, & the color pink

    Daniel Franzese, aka Damian, is a walking gold mine when it comes to all things Mean Girls .
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    Lindsay Lohan falls off the wagon at Coachella

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    Despite her insistence that she is committed to her sobriety, Lindsay Lohan was spotted partying drink in hand at Coachella over the...
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    VIDEO: Oprah makes Lindsay Lohan cry

    Lindsay Lohan got emotional when Oprah spoke about the star's progress during Lohan's Late Show With David Letterman appearance.
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    Lindsay Lohan breaks her sobriety & her life coach quits

    Lindsay Lohan may be on a long, hard road to recovery, but it's about to get even harder for the troubled star because her life...
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    Celebrities who took "forever" out of BFF

    You'd be hard pressed to find a more fickle best-friends-today-gone-tomorrow place than Tinseltown. Here are a few of the more...