lime recipes

  1. Organic and Natural

    Braised lime and coconut chicken with herbs

    Braising and warm weather don't need to be mutually exclusive. This braised chicken includes tropical flavors like lime and coconut...
  2. Food & Recipes

    Key lime grilled chicken with paradise salsa

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    Organic chicken breasts are marinated in citrus juices and seasonings. Once grilled, this chicken gets topped with a fresh, fruity...
  3. Cooking & Entertaining

    Citrusy Pop Rocks found in Mother Nature

    The citrus caviar of finger limes pop delightfully in your mouth for tart bursts of flavor. Who knew Pop Rocks grew on trees?
  4. Drink Recipes

    VIDEO: Margarita jello shots

    Who said your Cinco de Mayo margarita could only come frozen or on the rocks? Serve these crafty jello shots for a fun and...
  5. Drink Recipes

    Quick salty limeade (chanh muối)

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    Take a refreshing sip of salty limeade — it’s a perfect combination of sweet, salty and sour.
  6. Dessert Recipes

    Key lime pie in a jar

    Need a snack on the go? This sweet and tart key lime pie in a jar is the perfect road trip snack.