life lessons

  1. Television

    La Toya Jackson dishes on how nerves nearly ruined her wedding

    Season 1 of Life With La Toya may be coming to a close, but the first of the two-part season finale this week is kicking off with...
  2. Movies

    10 Lessons our favorite dance movies taught us

    There's just something about dance movies — the mix of cheesiness, earnestness, and incredible athleticism that gets us every time....
  3. Living

    5 Videos that will put life into perspective for you

    Need a shot of inspiration in three minutes or less? These five videos will make you laugh, make you cry and above all, will put...
  4. Living

    Dear beautiful but unattainable Pinterest boards

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    Dear Pinterest boards that make me feel inferior about my home-organization skills:
  5. Tips & Advice

    Top 5 things you can learn from your kid

    Moms are usually on the teaching end of the parenting spectrum, but a good parent will also learn from her child. Children can be...
  6. Living

    5 Life lessons from Harry Potter

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    With the impending release of the very last movie, die-hard Harry Potter devotees have taken the opportunity to look back over a...
  7. Family Fun

    Volunteer vacations

    Looking for a way to have fun while helping others? Take a volunteer vacation. Volunteer vacations -- also known as "voluntourism"...
  8. Mother's Day

    5 Life lessons I learned from my mother

    What is the most important life lesson you learned from your mother? Grateful daughters share the wonderful advice they received...
  9. Well-being

    The most important tips to stay healthy and live longer

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    We have the spent the past 20 years conducting an extraordinary research study of the lives and loves and careers of over 1,500...
  10. Well-being

    10 reasons you need a life plan

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    There's a quote that says "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans." I would venture a new one: If you want to make God...
  11. Well-being

    8 Things I learned from my parents

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    When we're young, the last thing we want to do is turn out like our parents. But as we get older, we realize there are plenty of...