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    Non-Stop 's Michelle Dockery on stress: "I can hold it together"

    We love her as Lady Mary Crawley on the addictive TV show Downton Abbey . Her latest role takes her into the unfriendly skies of...
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    VIDEO: Liam Neeson still can't believe his wife's death is real

    Liam Neeson lost the love of his life five years ago and is very much still grieving. He finally opened up to 60 Minutes about...
  3. Family Fun

    The Nut Job quiz: Name that actor trivia

    The upcoming animated film The Nut Job is not only hilarious but has an all-star voice cast that will help make it just as funny...
  4. Celebrity Gossip

    Is Lindsay Lohan dating her Parent Trap mom's real-life son?

    Lindsay Lohan is fresh from rehab, working hard and starting a lot of new rumors in the tabloids.
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    Celeb #TBT pics: President Obama, Cheryl Burke & more

    What do we love more than seeing pictures of our favorite celebs? Pictures of our favorite celebs from long, long ago! Check out...
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    Begorah! Hollywood's finest Irishmen

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    From legends like Liam Neeson to newcomers like Aidan Turner, hot and talented actors grow like four-leaf clovers in Ireland. In...
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    Jake Gyllenhaal leads pack of weekend DVD releases

    Big names in the world of DVD releases this week! Find out which ones flopped and which demand your attention.
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    The boys of Love Actually : Where are they now?

    So what are our favorite holiday hunks up to now and more importantly, why aren’t they filming a Love Actually sequel? If you want...
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    Breaking Dawn — Part 2 commands weekend box office

    Not even Bond could stop the Twilight pandemonium.
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    Argo soars over clouds in weekend box office

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    Argo infiltrates the top spot this weekend despite the efforts of three new box office contenders, including the Tom Hanks/Halle...
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    Liam Neeson was paid how much for Taken 2 ?

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    The actor must have kicked himself for getting such a small paycheck from the first movie. So for the second film in the franchise,...
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    Taken 2 movie review: Kidnapped again!

    Liam Neeson is back as a bad-a** ex-CIA agent in this fast-paced action thriller. However, this time he’s been kidnapped, and his...
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    Stars we hope follow Jennifer Aniston to happily ever after

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    Once upon a time, a beautiful actress rode off into the sunset with a charming suitor. Ah, if only more Hollywood romances played...
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    The Dark Knight Rises movie review: Hello, Kitty!

    In Christopher Nolan’s final installment in the Batman trilogy, this winged superhero takes on the 1%, terrorism and two sexy women...
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    Battleship movie review: You Sunk My Space Invader?

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    It doesn't take a Magic 8 Ball to realize a mysterious object with a Monopoly on the high seas Speaks and Spells Trouble for the US...
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    Movie review: Wrath of the Titans

    Sam Worthington is back as the gritty Greek demigod Perseus, who must reconcile with his lightning-powered father Zeus in order to...
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    Bombs away! Battleship trailer's explosive debut

    Get ready for a sensory overload. A new trailer for Universal's Battleship has debuted and it's filled with bombs and bullets....
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    Box office shock: Liam Neeson’s The Grey steals No. 1

    Liam Neeson’s action film set in the snowy tundra of Alaska, The Grey, took in more than expected to win number one at the box...
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    Movie review: The Grey

    No, we're not talking about a werewolf -- REAL wolves are hunting down Liam Neeson in the new thriller The Grey.
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    Exclusive: Liam Neeson fights for his life in The Grey

    Liam Neeson fights for his life in the snowy tundra of Alaska in the new action-thriller The Grey.