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  1. Letter from the Editor

    The royal baby is coming, ah!

    As I sit here typing this, we are all at the edge of our computer seats waiting for news of the royal baby’s birth.
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    Career Opportunities at SheKnows

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    If you're interested in becoming part of the award-winning SheKnows team, check out the current job positions and opportunities...
  3. Letter from the Editor

    Letter from the Editor: It's getting hot in here

    You’re hot. No, really. Just about everyone in the United States is roasting right now.
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    What's hot this week: June 17, 2013

    Remember the bliss of long, late summer evenings, melting Popsicles and tan limbs peeking out of the perfect pair of cutoffs? Let's...
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    Interns: SheKnows wants you!

    Think it's fun visiting SheKnows? Imagine what it's like working here! Check out our latest editorial internship opportunities below.
  6. Letter from the Editor

    SheKnows wins Rocky Mountain Emmy Award

    For its exceptional work in video production, SheKnows TV was honored with an Emmy Award at the 34th Annual Rocky Mountain Awards...
  7. Letter from the Editor

    Seeking a Front End Software Engineer

    SheKnows.com is one of the leading Women's properties in the world. As we're ever-expanding our feature-set, we have a growing need...
  8. Letter from the Editor

    Nominate SheKnows for the 4th annual Mashable Awards

    The 4th annual Mashable Awards are quickly approaching and SheKnows wants to be a part of it!
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    What's new on SheKnows TV

    Have you seen SheKnows TV recently? We've had a lot going on over here as we worked to bring you our newest SheKnows shows. Browse a...
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    Freelance opportunities at SheKnows

    SheKnows, the web's #1 site for parenting, family and women's interests, is currently looking for new additions to its team of...
  11. Letter from the Editor

    SheKnows wins 2010 OMMA Award

      On September, 27, 2010 SheKnows was honored with the distinguised 2010 OMMA Website Excellence Award for the...
  12. Letter from the Editor

    SheKnows' Hairstyle Lounge is a finalist for min's Editorial & Design Awards

    We are so pleased to share that SheKnows' Hairstyle Lounge has been named as a finalist for min's Editorial & Design Awards.
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    Entertainment Editorial Intern opportunity available!

    Looking to gain experience in the entertainment/writing biz? SheKnows.com is the third largest women’s site on the web, boasting a...
  14. Letter from the Editor

    Got balance?

    When it comes to re-centering ourselves and trying to achieve the balance that keeps us from perpetually being on the verge of a...
  15. Letter from the Editor

    Introducing SheKnows HomeStretch

    Have you checked the incredible recent addition to SheKnows TV yet? Last week we introduced SheKnows HomeStretch, an awesome new...
  16. Letter from the Editor

    SheKnows Presents: The Mommy Files & Best Sex of Your Life

    On any given day, your inbox gets flooded with the good, the bad, the urgent and the nonsense, your phone nearly buzzes itself right...