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    8 Things you should probably know about your vagina

    Ladies, it's time to get a figurative handle on our vaginas. Too many women don't know jack about their vaginas, and public health...
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    5 Questions your gyno is really hoping you'll ask

    Women often keep information from their gynecologists out of embarrassment, whether it be about the sexual partners we've had or...
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    9 Reddit sexual health questions answered by a real gynecologist

    What do you do when you have a crazy gynecological question and are squeamish about asking your doctor? Take it to the internet,...
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    What your period can tell you about your body

    Your period is more than a monthly nuisance. Pay close attention to your monthly symptoms to gain a better understanding of your...
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    Is vagina shaming cramping your confidence?

    You've no doubt heard of fat shaming, but have you heard of vagina shaming?
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    5 Body parts prone to dreaded dryness

    Dealing with dryness anywhere other than your pits is, well, the pits. But, try as you may, you just can't seem to keep some body...
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    Gifts your girlfriends can really use

    Sure, your best girl would undoubtedly be pretty excited if you bought her that book she's been eyeing at Barnes & Noble or if you...
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    8 Surprising benefits of good sleeping habits

    Put down the diet pills and step away from the treadmill. If you feel like you're running on empty, your body might just need a...
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    How to treat your vagina with the kindness it deserves

    Self-care shouldn't stop at your bikini line. Treat your vagina to the TLC it deserves by following these gynecologist-approved tips.
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    8 Female celebs who aren't afraid to talk about their vaginas

    For reasons unbeknownst to us, people have long treated the vagina like Lord Voldemort — that which must not be named. Thankfully, a...
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    Sex shouldn't hurt, but here are 7 reasons why it might

    Sex is supposed to be fun, right? Unfortunately, many women suffer from painful sex throughout their lifespans. Here are the most...
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    Why your vagina wishes it were your face

    Our faces are pretty lucky. Think of all the attention we give them while pretty much ignoring other parts of our bodies - in...
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    Dry vaginas and 5 other things that suck about new relationships

    Oh, the joys of a new relationship. The flowers, the food, the kissing. And the dryness, the weight gain and lack of sleep. Hrm....
  14. Beauty

    Ladyscaping by the numbers: How women style their pubic hair

    Although pubic hair grooming trends are notoriously hard to measure, it appears that "natural" is on its way to making a comeback.
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    Your vagina age-by-age: What you need to know

    "As women age, their sexual health changes as well," reports Dr. Madeline Castillanos, who works as both a medical doctor and...
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    14 Ridiculous but funny nicknames for vaginas

    It's time to take back the vagina. And by that, of course, we mean it's time to start using the word "vagina" instead of all the...
  17. Love

    Thanks to Buzzfeed, I finally looked at my vagina

    YouTuber Davey Wavey asked women who had never looked at their vaginas to take a peek. Thanks to Buzzfeed, the video went viral,...
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    Brazilian and beyond: Personal grooming made easy

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    Now that it's bathing suit season, you might want to trim up your bikini area for when you strut your stuff poolside or at the...
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    Why Kegels are important for more than your sexual health

    Kegels are an exercise that you can do pretty much anywhere and anytime — the workout simply requires you to flex and hold your...
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    8 Pregnancy body changes nobody tells you about

    There's no doubt about it: Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. Many women feel a tremendous boost of self-confidence and contentment as...