leopard print

  1. Makeup

    Snow leopard print nail design

    Wild leopard nails get a bit tame in snowy, white winter colors. We traded in the dark tans and browns for softer whites and grays...
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    6 Campus fashion trends to avoid

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    Be the style star on campus by avoiding these six trends. It may be tempting to wear that comfy T-shirt from the bookstore, but...
  3. Fashion & Style

    8 Dresses that embrace the leopard trend (without going overboard)

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    Leopard print is an eye-catching trend, but it can easily be overdone. We say that if you love leopard print, wear leopard print --...
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    Top 10 Celebrity accessory trends

    Want to rock the sidewalk like your very own runway? These celebrity fashion accessory trends are your ticket to looking like a star...