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    Leonardo DiCaprio donates $7 million to the oceans

    Leonardo DiCaprio is not afraid to put his money behind causes he believes in, and the latest recipient is the world's oceans.
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    7 Celebrities with surprisingly exotic pets

    While most people are content to cuddle up with a kitten or play fetch with a puppy, some celebs opt to bring decidedly more exotic...
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    Mindy Project star scores role in Tina Fey film The Nest

    Squee! We're so excited for Ike Barinholtz. The super-funny dude is going from playing a goofball nurse on The Mindy Project to a...
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    Leonardo DiCaprio: Refused to be filmed for KUWTK

    Leonardo DiCaprio refused to be filmed for the Keeping Up with the Kardashians show and wanted to avoid being seen with the famous...
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    Leonardo DiCaprio as Steve Jobs? It may happen in this biopic

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    Sony Pictures moves forward with a Steve Jobs biopic less than a year after Open Road Films' Jobs underwhelmed audiences.
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    VIDEO: Leonardo DiCaprio busts a move at Coachella

    The man has some moves. Leonardo DiCaprio proves he's more than just an actor as he shakes his booty at Coachella.
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    World is shocked as Leonardo DiCaprio loses to Josh Hutcherson

    Hollywood's cutest baby face is starting to wrinkle. The proof? #PoorLeo lives again.
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    Battle of the duos: Jonah Hill & Channing Tatum vs. Jonah & Leonardo DiCaprio

    We're totally obsessed with Jonah Hill, so we couldn't be more stoked that he'll soon be buddying up to Channing Tatum again in 22...
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    EXCLUSIVE IMAGES: Behind the scenes with The Wolf of Wall Street 's Leonardo DiCaprio

    Typically, what happens on a movie set stays on the movie set, but we’re excited to share with you four exclusive images that...
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    Robin Thicke spends b-day with Leonardo DiCaprio & no girls!

    Robin Thicke's marriage may be on the rocks, but he decided to celebrate his 37th birthday in style with Leonardo DiCaprio....
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    #PoorLeo loses Oscar, wins the internet

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    Leonardo DiCaprio might be losing at award shows, but he is winning at the internet.
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    12 GIFs that prove Leonardo DiCaprio deserves an Oscar

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    Leonardo DiCaprio failed to bag an Oscar last night for his turn as devious Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street , making it...
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    Oscar snub No. 4 for Leonardo DiCaprio

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    He's proved himself one of the best American actors and he's Martin Scorsese's go-to guy, but out of four Oscar nominations, he has...
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    2014 Oscars red carpet: Celebs who brought their families

    Moms were the accessory of the night at the 2014 Oscars. Plenty of celebs chose to bring their family members to the biggest award...
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    Leo DiCaprio said he's never done drugs

    Many in Hollywood fall into the trap of addiction, but Leonardo DiCaprio said he never wanted to do drugs. His childhood had a big...
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    Grammys, Golden Globes and more: 15 BEST award show moments in January

    With five award shows in January, this has been a month full of hilarious hosts, stirring acceptance speeches and gorgeous get-ups....
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    2014 SAG Awards snubs: Seriously? No Mad Men ?

    Awards season is in full swing, my friends, and you know what that means: snubs! Join us as we lament over the stars who should have...
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    McConaughey vs. DiCaprio: An Oscar throwdown?

    Matthew McConaughey and Leo DiCaprio are winning basically every lead actor award this year. So, who will take home the award for...
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    Dallas Buyers Club cast and more react to 2014 Oscar nominations

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    Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto, Leonardo DiCaprio and more got the career-capping news that they are nominated for Oscars this year...
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    Who's hotter: Brad Pitt vs. Leonardo DiCaprio

    Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio both have piercing blue eyes, successful careers, handsome good looks and killer bods. How can we...