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    The Walking Dead recap: Rick and The Governor face off

    Rick and The Governor finally come face to face to talk and the result could be the death of an important person.
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    The Walking Dead recap: There's a war on the way

    Andrea finally decides to do some investigating of her own at the prison, which will get the group in a whole lot of trouble.
  3. Television

    The Walking Dead recap: Prison yard invasion

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    Glenn tries to emerge as the leader while Rick's dealing with seeing the ghost of his wife, but will he be enough to stop the...
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    The Walking Dead recap: Rick's losing his mind

    The Walking Dead is back and we finally get answers to the questions that have plagued us for months! It's even better than fans...
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    An interview with Lauren Cohan from The Walking Dead

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    If you've been keeping up with The Walking Dead's gruesome gore and gut-wrenching glimpses into apocalyptic terror — you're probably...