1. Outdoor Living

    Picking garden colors

      Color is often one of the most important aspects to consider when designing your garden and landscape design. Get some quick tips...
  2. Outdoor Living

    New options for your lawn: Alternatives to grass

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    Traditionally, a lush green lawn has been the staple of most outdoor landscapes. An enviable grass lawn takes a lot of maintenance...
  3. SheKnows TV: Homergency

    Yard care: Best ways to conserve water

    You adore your lawn, but it's an obvious target for cutting your household water consumption. Here's how you can conserve water...
  4. Outdoor Living

    Planting Trees

    If you're hoping to add some new trees to your landscape, the perfect planting time is just around the corner.
  5. Outdoor Living

    6 Eco-friendly landscaping tips

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    Saving the environment can start in your own backyard when you discover how to landscape with an eco-friendly design that will go...
  6. Outdoor Living

    Desert Landscaping Ideas

    Desert landscaping is a great way to conserve water without sacrificing the beauty of your yard. And you don't even need to live...
  7. Outdoor Living

    Quick Backyard Makeovers

    If your backyard is looking a little lackluster but you just don't have time to give it the attention it deserves, there's still...
  8. Outdoor Living

    Edible Landscaping

    One of the biggest trends in landscape design is the use of edible plants to create a stunning landscape with function. One of the...
  9. Outdoor Living

    Pruning Shrubs

    There is nothing worse than a bad haircut. The one thing you can't do with a bad haircut is uncut it, so you just have to wait for...
  10. Outdoor Living

    Shade Gardens

    If you've ever tried growing flowers or other plants in the shade, you know how difficult it is to find anything that will grow...
  11. Outdoor Living

    DIY Water Garden

    A water garden can be the focal point of your backyard landscape, and you don't even need a large yard to build one. Contrary to...
  12. Outdoor Living

    Growing Blueberries

    In addition to producing delicious healthy fruit, blueberries make an attractive landscaping plant. The bushy plants have pretty...
  13. Outdoor Living

    Raised Garden Ideas

    If you've decided to use raised garden beds in your garden landscape, you may be wondering about how to decorate with them. Just...
  14. Outdoor Living

    Deer Garden Defense

    During the winter months, when food is sparse in the forest, wilderness creatures wander into our yards, looking to nibble on trees,...
  15. Outdoor Living

    5 Quick fixes for ugly yards

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    Sprucing up your yard will not only add more enjoyment to the time you spend outdoors, but it will also add a lot of curb appeal to...