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    REVIEW: Lana Del Rey's "West Coast" makes us dizzy

    Lana Del Rey is back with a second single off her third album, Ultraviolence . The new single, "West Coast" and its accompanying...
  2. Music

    Music review: Tom Odell covers Lana Del Rey's "Video Games"

    What could be better for your Valentine's Day than Lana Del Rey and the luscious, seductive single "Video Games"? Oh, I don't know,...
  3. Music

    14 Most anticipated albums of 2014

    A new year means a whole new list of album releases to look forward to, right? The confirmed releases are light so far, but here's...
  4. Hookups, Breakups & Babies

    Million dollar man: Lana Del Rey secretly engaged

    Lana Del Rey has been secretly engaged to her million dollar man, Barrie-James O'Neill, after he proposed sometime last summer.
  5. Music

    Disney unveils Lana Del Rey's emo "Once Upon a Dream"

    The new promo for Disney's creepy Maleficent movie features a brand new track from Lana Del Rey. Her version of "Once Upon a...
  6. Music

    Download or Delete: Miley Cyrus covers "Summertime Sadness"

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    Is Miley Cyrus' cover of Lana Del Rey's "Summertime Sadness" a true masterpiece... or just cool because it's Cyrus?
  7. Hookups, Breakups & Babies

    Lana Del Rey leaves Kanye West with "Summertime Sadness"

    Kanye West does not appear to be familiar with the words "no," but singer Lana Del Rey has familiarized him with it, when she would...
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    5 Most underrated songs of 2013

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    MTV host 10 on Top Lenay Dunn fills us in on five songs that seemingly slipped under the radar this year. So without further ado,...
  9. Music

    Did Lana Del Rey dis Lady Gaga in leaked song?

    Although they were once friends, it seems Lana Del Rey wasn't too happy when Lady Gaga hit it big. Del Rey's leaked demo "So Legit"...
  10. Beauty & Style How-tos

    How to embrace the Americana trend

    Whether you’re an all-out patriot or simply a fan of Lana Del Rey, it’s impossible to ignore the Americana trend. Lace up your...
  11. Music

    New Lana del Rey music leaked online

    Lana del Rey's new song "Queen of Disaster" has just been leaked online, and while her song of a damaged girl falling in love with a...
  12. Music

    Music review: Lana Del Rey's "Ride"

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    Fake hair, fake lips, fake nails — I don't care Lana, because your talent is real.
  13. Music

    Lana Del Rey sings a song about Courtney Love's vagina

    Del Rey sang a cover at a show last week. What she didn't realize is the writer's widow would find out about it.
  14. Music

    Lana Del Rey says her haters are liars

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    Lana Del Rey is no stranger to a harsh performance review, but if everything that's written is "fiction" then it's no skin off this...
  15. Music

    Did Lana Del Rey pull plug on tour?

    Lana Del Rey's camp has denied reports that the singer's spring tour was canceled due to backlash over her panned performance on...
  16. Music

    Lana Del Rey knows she's a sucky performer

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    Lana Del Rey says she knows she is "not a natural performer," but really doesn't see anything wrong with her much-panned Saturday...
  17. Television

    Daniel Radcliffe: Lana Del Rey didn't suck that bad

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    Daniel Radcliffe wants people to chill out with their criticism of Saturday Night Live musical guest Lana Del Rey.
  18. Music

    Lana Del Rey's awful Saturday Night Live performance

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    Nervousness of a sign of the times? Internet sensation Lana Del Rey gave Rebecca Black a run for her microphone after delivering a...